Massimiliano Allegri - Danilo | Coppa Italia | Atalanta - Juventus | 14/05/2024

Allegri and Danilo: We're ready for the final

Allegri and Danilo: We're ready for the final
Allegri and Danilo: We're ready for the final
Allegri and Danilo: We're ready for the final

Coach Massimiliano Allegri and captain Danilo spoke to the media gathered at the Stadio Olimpico ahead of Wednesday evening’s Coppa Italia final between Atalanta and Juventus in Rome.


"We're coming to this final in a good state, with the certainty of playing in the Champions League next season, with qualification achieved with two matchdays left in the season. Going back to tomorrow evening's match [Wednesday 15 May, ed] it will be a good game, it will take a lot of heart on the pitch from the lads, we'll need to win as many duels as possible. Tomorrow we'll leave everything we have on the pitch, with lucidity and calmness.

“Atalanta, whom I congratulate on deservedly reaching the final of the Europa League, are a team with great technical qualities. A difficult challenge awaits us, there will be complicated moments in the match, but we will have to be good at managing them with patience and calmness. Atalanta have important players, who are physical and technical as well. They are experiencing a moment of great enthusiasm and we will have to be good at interpreting the match in the best possible way. We have great respect for our opponents, but matches must be won on the pitch and we must have the conviction that we are capable of bringing home this cup. If our opponents are better, we will congratulate them at the end of the game.

“To participate in the finals is not for everyone, that alone is an important achievement. Now that we are there we will do everything to win it. This trophy has very important value. In the last three years we have played two Coppa Italia finals, including this one, so hopefully we can win it this time. In once-off games it's the details that make the difference. These games create adrenalin, they bring enthusiasm, and with this spirit we will take the field tomorrow night.

“Nicolussi Caviglia is well, but in general we are all well. Between this evening and tomorrow morning I'll make the final assessments because the game could last even longer than the 90 minutes. If Hans doesn't play, I'll think about an alternative solution given the absence of Manuel Locatelli.”


"Winning this final would give a different meaning to this season. We'd like to bring a trophy to the Juventus Museum. The group is well, we want to forget the draw against Salernitana. Everyone, us and the fans, expected another result. We are calm, but aware of what we have to do on the pitch.

“I feel good, I had a small physical problem, but I have recovered and I feel ready. When there are such important matches to play, the body senses it and recovers faster. In football, as in life, we must not look backwards, but always forwards. For me and for the team it will be a special match because we will be playing for a trophy and it would be very nice for us to add a winning page to Juventus' history.

“We don't know when we will play another final, it will be crucial to focus on this one and give everything. I remember the final we won in 2021 against Atalanta. We were starting to see fans at the stadium again after the restrictions due to Covid-19… tomorrow it will be full and there will be many fans to support us. We will have to fight and give everything until the end, for the jersey. Juventus has proven to be a resilient team, in its history, and those who wear these colours must be resilient. I am proud to be the captain of Juventus, a glorious team. I am a Juventus fan and always will be. Juventus is and always will be the most important team of my career.

“Atalanta is enjoing a really good season, they have strong players and an experienced coach. Juventus, however, are not inferior and when they play finals, especially in the Coppa Italia, they always try to bring home the cup. Atalanta have a lot of physicality and impose a high rhythm to the match, with and without the ball. If you're not well physically they can put you in trouble, so it will be crucial to keep up with our opponents in this respect. On our side we will have to be good at taking advantage of the opportunities they will give us.

“De Ketelaere is a clear example of a player who, if he is well in the context in which he is inserted, can become difficult to stop. I have studied him, I know him, and I hope that he will not cause us too many problems tomorrow.”

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