Allianz Entertainment | Juve - Lazio

Allianz Entertainment | Juve - Lazio
Allianz Entertainment | Juve - Lazio
Allianz Entertainment | Juve - Lazio

The showdown on Sunday night against Lazio is not only important for the Bianconeri's Serie A campaign. Now that the team has climbed into the Champions League places - defeating Lazio would push Juve even higher in the standings.

It is also the last Serie A fixture of 2022, and as it is taking place at our home ground, once again a great show is on offer.

As always, a home match for Juventus becomes the setting of a DJ Set of international appeal. On Sunday in the spotlight is William Djoko, DJ and music producer of house music.

Dutch of Cameroonian origin in his father's side, Ukrainian and Dutch on his mother's, William Djoko embodies many cultures and has been interested in music since he was a child, and with his debut 2008 album "Hard Loving" he has made a career of it. Today his DJ Sets are known worldwide, having performed on European stages in London, Berlin and Barcelona. The eclectic charm that prevades his futuristic sound can also be heard in his latest work, "Whiplash", a funk-inflected dance weapon that debuts as the first real record from William's brand new label, DJOKO Records.


It's becoming a pleasant habit. Also for this match, fans will be able to have a very special memory. Supporters will be able to view their photos taken in the stands directly on their smartphone!

Participating will be very simple: during the event the emotions of the crowd will be captured in the most exciting moments and will be uploaded online. To see the photos, fans must access the juventus.getpica.com page, enter the match code: JUV-LAZ22 and take a selfie in order to be recognised in the shots. Then, if you appear in any photos, you will be able to find and share it directly on juventus.getpica.com. It will be a unique memory of the evening!

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