Barzagli: "Two big challenges coming up"

Barzagli: "Two big challenges coming up"
Barzagli: "Two big challenges coming up"
Barzagli: "Two big challenges coming up"


"They are a strong team which has grown a lot, they have worked very hard to improve and possess a lot of players with individual quality. To be honest, I was surprised at how they started their season, but now they are going strong and you can also see the influence that Gattuso has had, so we have to give maximum attention.

"Winning in this game will be important, not only for Serie A but to give us a boost in the Champions League. However, the biggest mistake we could make would be to think about Real Madrid. The match against Milan is very important, we have big objectives that we want to achieve and it will be a very difficult game.

"Napoli are not giving up and are having a great season. I didn't think that our game against them in April would be so decisive, and instead it will most likely will be. We can't drop any points before that match, starting from Saturday."


"The two upcoming challenges will represent a crucial moment in our season, as they will both be very decisive. We are thinking only about our goals, and therefore winning on Saturday will be very important. It will give us a lot of confidence going into Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid.

"We can't afford to make mistakes in either game, but we are strong and experienced and used to playing such delicate games in a short space of time. We're not looking for revenge when we play Real, we just have a great desire to continue following our objectives."

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