Arianna Caruso

Arianna Caruso | Whatever...

Arianna Caruso | Whatever...
Arianna Caruso | Whatever...
Arianna Caruso | Whatever...

I’m free to be whatever I. This is what Oasis sang way back in 1994, with the hit single Whatever; a world-famous song, something simply timeless. The piece is a clear manifesto that urges people to live in complete freedom, without restrictions, living up to their talents and callings.

When the song was released, Arianna Caruso had not yet been born, but the words chosen by the brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher seem to fit perfectly with the qualities of the Juventus player. Juventus fans have come to know her very well in recent years: Arianna has been one of the most solid pillars for Juve Women for seven seasons now, having been part of the birth of the Women's project and the first to reach 100 appearances with the black and white shirt.

She has enjoyed many successes, adding trophies to an increasingly rich trophy cabinet, and has been a point of reference for the new arrivals over the years, while on the pitch, she has been able to transform herself several times to be an added value in times of need.

And over the opening stages of the 2023/24 campaign, Arianna Caruso has once again been front and centre, delivering countless high-quality performances, scoring fundamental goals and becoming a leader in the dressing room.

What is striking about her is her extraordinary ability to convey confidence on the pitch, a precious characteristic especially when combined with her constant presence during the attacking and non-possession phases. It is no coincidence that Coach Joe Montemurro has decided to practically never deprive himself of her up to this point of the championship, her growth in terms of character has been exponential and the gravitas of her goals the calling card that contains the essence of her outstanding abilities in the Juve midfield.


The goal scored at Milan at the beginning of October just a few minutes from full-time is synonymous with class, timing and courage: first she started the move with brilliant control before entering the area, topping it off with a strike any forward would be proud of. 

Then, the goal at Como, which was complete different. A box-to-box run, finishing from outside the area - a mix of flair, running, dynamism and reading of the pitch. A special strike celebrating her 50th goal with the black and white shirt.

Then, a lightning goal scored in Biella to open the scoring against Inter, a match that then ended with a 5-0 win. Taking her opportunity, a poisonous left-footed shot at the near post paved the way for the resounding victory.

The last (double) high note to mention took place in the last fixture against Napoli. The away game started badly due to the practically immediate goal conceded, a result that was adjusted and embellished by the magic of Caruso: a cross shot into the top corner to continue her fine form. Wanted or not, the play remains a marvel, and the penalty at the end of the half is the icing on the cake before the international break.

There are infinite expressions of Caruso: form may change, but substance and class always remains.

Whatever you do, whatever you say, Yeah, I know it’s alright.

Every version of Arianna will be a success!

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