Höwedes: Juventus a privilege and honor

Höwedes: Juventus a privilege and honor
Höwedes: Juventus a privilege and honor
Höwedes: Juventus a privilege and honor

Since he was a teenager, Benedikt Höwedes has known just one club, Schalke 04, so his introductory press conference at Juventus on Thursday afternoon was a brand new experience for the German. Here is what he told journalists compiled at the Allianz Stadium:


"I feel great. I think that Juventus is one of the five best clubs in the world so being part of this club is a great privilege and honor for me. I think here I can certainly enjoy the next few years and enjoy these experiences."


"Obviously, we always consider the attention we pay to the national team as a football player. As a player on the German National Team, I have the goal to play in the World Cup so that’s why I’m here because I can play in the Champions League and at a very top level. Playing at such a great club will allow me to play at a very high level."


"Naturally, I’d consider myself a leader. For six years, I was the captain of Schalke and also in the youth sector I had the same role as a captain so since I’ve been young I’ve held a similar role but here I’ll have to adjust and find the right place inside the team."


My first impression is certainly a very good one, because Italian football is highly professional and the whole club and staff have been really professional. I’m really happy to be here. Juventus, which as I said before, is one of the most important clubs in the world. I want to stress the fact that I wanted to play abroad and now I have been able to seize this opportunity for a team that I immediately considered as the right choice to make this change in my life which is why I’m here today."


"21 is a number that has been worn by great names from Thuram to Dybala who are top players indeed. It’s a great honor for me to wear this number. I don’t have a personal connection to this number, but it was one of the few numbers left and it was the best choice for me."


"I chose to come to Juventus no matter who played in the past, but I know that there were great Germans here, like Kohler or Möller, besides Khedira, who in Bianconero has already achieved great goals...I think of a champion like Buffon, his exceptional personality and charisma, I can only consider it a model for me and I am happy to share the field with extraordinary players like him. "


"I am a versatile and multifunctional player, I can play in defense at three or four, both as central and as a third. For example, in the 2014 World Cup I played a left back, a role that I never played. Many of my coaches have appreciated the fact that I can be useful in many positions something I will do here too."


“Italy is a magnificent country where we Germans love vacationing. So far, I have had little time to discover the country, but in the future I will try to enjoy my free time here. I have seen little in Turin, but I hope to know the mentality of the people as soon as possible, to get even more into the mentality of Juventus."

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