Boattin: We want to start with a win at Biella

Boattin: We want to start with a win at Biella
Boattin: We want to start with a win at Biella
Boattin: We want to start with a win at Biella

Monday afternoon was a special one on Juventus' official Twitch channel, with Juventus Women's Lisa Boattin joining for a chat just days ahead of their debut at the Pozzo-La Marmora Stadium in Biella - the Bianconere's new home for 2023/24.

"It will be strange to play in a new stadium. I passed Vinovo a while ago and a lot of memories came flooding back - that stadium will always be in our hearts.

"But now we have to find that confidence in our new home, which is a great stadium and will have a lot of fans there waiting to see us. We need to start well and get into the habit of playing there straight away."

Boattin and Alessandro Del Piero

"Knowing that Del Piero played at Biella is a special feeling, he's an icon for so many Juventus fans and I started to love Juventus during his playing days. To be able to meet him was a dream for me, and he was very humble and approachable when we spoke."

Why 13?

"I have a lot of superstitions. For example, I always put my left shin guard on first, I always step onto the pitch with my right foot first, and I always take off my rings in the same order - all of these little things prepare me mentally. But my number, 13, is tied to a memory. I wore it when I made my Champions League debut with Brescia and I've never left it behind since."

A love for Juventus and the club's call

"It all started with my dad, who is a huge Juve fan and he passed that passion on to me as a child when I watched Juventus with him. When Juve came calling, I told him and my mum and we got very excited and emotional. For him to see me in that black and white shirt is special for him."

Looking ahead to Samp

"Sampdoria won't be an easy game. They've had a tricky summer and will want to get points on the board while we'll want to get off to a winning start in our new home. We lacked consistency last year, and this season we'll need to treat every game like a final. Of course, our objective is to win the Scudetto - we are Juventus."

Of course, this is just some of the things Lisa said, and you can watch the full chat on Juventus' official Twitch channel.

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