Andrea Cambiaso

Cambiaso: I hope to continue helping the team

Cambiaso: I hope to continue helping the team
Cambiaso: I hope to continue helping the team
Cambiaso: I hope to continue helping the team

Fresh off the back of a series of excellent performances in his first months with Juventus, thanks to his flexibility on the pitch and his increased used by Coach Massimiliano Allegri in various roles, Andrea Cambiaso is managing to carve out his role both on the wing and, if necessary, as a midfielder.

The young talent gave up some of his time to speak with us live on Twitch, chatting about his family, the importance of work and how the motto "Fino alla fine" at Juventus is much more than just a slogan.


"In Monza it was crazy, winning like this is even better. It had already happened against Verona and I remember it well... experiencing it from the bench was incredible: it didn't seem like a match that could have this kind of ending. Instead, Gattone came through! Against Hellas, however, it went well for me: when the cross came in I wanted to finish at the far post, then I saw Milik jump and stay in the air for a long time: I thought his header had ended up inside the back of the net, in fact in the replay you can see that I was already celebrating, then when I found the ball in front of me I kicked it into the goal and ran to celebrate. Winning like this is incredible, these are important victories: it takes a bit of luck, but you have to go and look for it. Against Verona and Monza, these are six important points which we may see the value of further down the line. We went looking for them and it's not trivial."


"I don't set seasonal aims for goals and assists, but I have to say that I didn't think I'd play with such regularity straight away and I hope to continue helping the team as much as possible. Since I was little, I have always played in different roles and wherever they put you, you have to adapt, you don't have many possibilities. I was born as a midfielder and I played in that role until Under-17, then I took on more running in my development and moved to the wing. I can't say which role I prefer to play - I don't know if that's good or bad (laughs, ed.)."


"To be a professional at Juventus requires a lot of training, it's the first piece of advice I feel like giving: thanks to my father who instilled this concept in my head, I've always trained more than others since I was a kid. It is essential to have a healthy family behind you, how much it matters cannot be explained in words. I remember well the day Juventus called me: fortunately various teams had contacted me in the summer, I was with my agent who told me: 'Look Andrea, there's an offer from Juve.' And I said, 'Okay, that's it, we're good.' It is the most successful club in Italy and in recent months it has fully confirmed what I imagined from the outside. Passion has always been my driving force, I had to break into the world of football also because I didn't have a plan B: luckily, because luck is also needed, it went well."

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