COPPA ITALIA PRESS ROOM | Comments after Lazio-Juventus

COPPA ITALIA PRESS ROOM | Comments after Lazio-Juventus
COPPA ITALIA PRESS ROOM | Comments after Lazio-Juventus
COPPA ITALIA PRESS ROOM | Comments after Lazio-Juventus


"We knew it would be a difficult match, we conceded a goal straight away. We grew, even physically, in the second half: the boys were good, it wasn't easy and they deserve this Final. Now we have to focus on the match against Milan, which is a direct clash in terms of Champions League qualification. At the moment we are playing tough matches, which we hadn't played for a year and a half, for various reasons; when there are moments like this, when you struggle to win, there are bound to be difficulties. A possible elimination this evening would have left consequences, and therefore this match was a good test of growth, we were good at staying in the match."


"The match was going badly, Lazio at home put us in difficulty. But we are really happy to return here to Rome for the Final and compete in the Super Cup next year. We know that we can and must do better, but we are happy to have reached this Final. I'm also happy with my goal, I'm back from an injury, and then it's an important goal for our fans who follow us everywhere."


"Before the match I said that nothing is achieved without sacrifice and suffering. We are capable of experiencing suffering and I knew we would make it, because when they put us in a corner we give our best. I am proud of the team and the passage to the Final, which was fundamental for us."


"The first half was complicated because they started very strongly, but we expected that. In the second half, however, they dropped off a bit and that's when we came out. We are happy to have managed to reach the Italian Cup final, it was a goal we had set ourselves. Our season? Let's wait until the end to judge it because we still have a final to play and important games to face in order to qualify for the Champions League next season. My season? I'm happy to have played so many matches, I think it's the result of hard work every day. I know I still have plenty of room for improvement and I will work to continue to grow."

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