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Cristiana Girelli enters Italian Football Hall of Fame

Cristiana Girelli enters Italian Football Hall of Fame
Cristiana Girelli enters Italian Football Hall of Fame
Cristiana Girelli enters Italian Football Hall of Fame

Monday, November 13, 2023, is a date that Cristiana Girelli will never forget.

That is the night on which the Juventus forward was officially inducted into the Italian Football Hall of Fame, established in 2011 by the FIGC and the Football Museum Foundation to celebrate players, coaches and members of coaching staff, as well as referees and other officials within the game, all who have left an unforgettable mark on Italian football.

Girelli is the latest Juventus Women player to be inducted, following in the footsteps of teammates and fellow icons Sara Gama and Barbara Bonansea.

Cristiana has won four Serie A titles, three Italian Cups and three Italian Super Cups with Juventus, and countless individual honours as well. She was twice top goalscorer in Serie A with the Bianconere (2019/20 nd 2020/21), twice AIC Player of the Year (2020 and 2021), and twice named in the Team of the Year (2020 and 2021). Now, she has entered the Hall of Fame.

This is recognition of an incredible career and an incredible person. Girelli scored her 100th Juventus goal last season, and she has already made more than 100 appearances for Italy as well. She keeps making history, match after match.

Cristiana Girelli will donate the national team jersey worn during the round of 16 of the 2019 World Cup to the Football Museum in Coverciano.

Girelli will hand the shirt that she wore for the Azzurre in the Round of 16 game at the 2019 Women's World Cup over to the Football Museum in Coverciano.

"I have always seen the Hall of Fame as something of extraordinary recognition," Girelli said, filled with emotion. "So seeing my name on this decorated list fills me with pride.

"It's recognition of me, but also for all of the people who have been by my side throughout the years, starting with my family who are here today, and whom I thank for their unconditional love. Thanks to my father for always being there as my number one fan, and like all fans the first critic as well; thanks to my sister, not exactly a football fan but always with me; and thanks to my mother, in the hope that my joys can ease her pain just a little; thanks also to the friends that football has given me, who have accompanied me on this beautiful journey. Thanks also to the Federation.

"For me to have made it here, it's because there is space for women's success stories in football, and for continued growth. Success can inspire future generations, and it is to those future generations that I dedicate my final thought: exceptionalise can be cultivated and achieved through hard work, dedication, and constant determination. But don't forget to give the most precious thing that we have: heart. Always put your heart into everything. I believe that in sport, life and in love, persistence and feelings are the keys to all success."

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