Dani Alves: "Bring on the grand finale!"

Dani Alves: "Bring on the grand finale!"
Dani Alves: "Bring on the grand finale!"
Dani Alves: "Bring on the grand finale!"

Reaching peak form

“We’re in great shape. The most important part of the season is coming up now and every top player prepares all year around to be ready for these moments. Now is the time to go and win some trophies!”

Buying the black and white mentality

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“I knew I was joining a strong Juventus squad since this team had won five consecutive Scudetto titles and reached the Champions League final two seasons previously, and my expectations have become a reality. I am part of a group that wants to win everything and that’s what drives me as a professional; I tell myself every day that, together with my team-mates, we can make history this season.

"The atmosphere at Juventus Stadium reminds of me of Brazil or Seville; the supporters there are fighting by your side and are all pulling in the same direction. Their passion gives us that little extra strength out on the field."

Milan? A reward for our hard work

“We’re talking about a squad of players that never let their heads drop and never stop believing. Winning in such spectacular fashion against Milan was a reward for the work we have putting in on the training ground.

"It was a fabulous game and we deserved to win it. Matches like that give you such an adrenaline boost; with that energy coursing through your veins, you can’t help but keep your intensity and focus high right until the very end. Step by step, we’re moving towards a sixth Scudetto and making history for this club."

All eyes on the UCL

“It’s clear to see how much importance is placed on the Champions League here. Just like all the Juve supporters out there, I want to aim for the top and I am convinced that if we keep moving forwards with calm, clear heads and without making mistakes, we can go all the way.

"There’s no time for us to rest after Milan and to be honest, we don’t want to! We love it when the games come thick and fast and we’re focused on reaching the quarter-finals. We want to deliver a great performance on Tuesday and send everyone home happy."

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