Emre Can: “We have to be Juventus.”

Emre Can: “We have to be Juventus.”
Emre Can: “We have to be Juventus.”
Emre Can: “We have to be Juventus.”

La Dolce Vita

I like the country. I think the people here really want to enjoy their life and I really like it. For summer, for example, they all want to go out and have coffee. I really like the lifestyle. I think the teams here are better tactically and I think the football in England is quicker, but here sometimes it is very difficult to score a goal. My first few months in Italy wasn’t always easy for me because I had a few problems and then the surgery. Now, I feel better already because I have played a few games. Of course, I need to get used to the football here in Italy. I feel better and in good shape. I am ready to go.

The Last Few Games

We can learn from games like that [against Parma]. It was a good game for us, we kept the ball well and we scored three goals. It cannot happen [again] that we concede three goals - we have to defend better as a team. We have to learn from that. It’s better that it happens now than when it’s too late. Bonucci and Chiellini are very big players for us, but we still have very good defenders. As a team we have to perform better and we have to try to win the games again. It’s just two games that we haven’t won and we want to win the next game.

Looking Towards Sassuolo

I know Sassuolo well because I played against them in the first half [of the season]. They are a good side, they want to play football and they have good players. It will be a tough match but we have to play our football. We have to believe in ourselves.

The CR7 Effect

It’s great to play with Cristiano. Every footballer wants to play with Cristiano - he’s a big player and off the pitch he’s a great guy. You can always talk to him and you can learn from him a lot. I think he gives a push to the team, and to everyone.

UCL Opponents

Last year I lost the Champions League final - this year I want to win it. [Atletico Madrid] is a difficult game. In my opinion, it is one of the most difficult draws we could get. They defend very tough. We have to play our game, we have to be Juventus and believe in ourselves. We have to try to win the game. I have heard here in Italy that they want to win the champions. I think the fans want that we win the Champions League.

Yes he Can

I want to stay healthy this year, that is the most important thing for me. Of course, 2018 wasn’t easy for me - I had a few problems. I want to stay healthy for a period and know that I am getting better and know what I can bring the team. I still have a lot to improve.

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