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F4BULOUS! Juventus Women crowned Italian champions

F4BULOUS! Juventus Women crowned Italian champions
F4BULOUS! Juventus Women crowned Italian champions
F4BULOUS! Juventus Women crowned Italian champions

Champions of Italy. Again.

You think of Juventus Women and you just smile. Their football fairy-tale has now generated its fourth title triumph in as many seasons, after all.

You smile because they’re successful. You smile because they smile. You smile because you identify with their approach to football, to their profession, to life. This group of women is full of enthusiasm, intent on continuing to improve, determined enough to get up when they get knocked down and gripped by an insatiable hunger for success.

They don’t let up – not even for a second.

You think of Juventus Women and you smile because they’ve won the Scudetto again. But that’s not normal. These women aren’t normal. They aren’t just good. They’re extraordinary. Fabulous. F4BULOUS.

It was a warm, late summer’s day on a pitch in the province of Turin when, for the very first time, Juventus Women took to the pitch for a Coppa Italia match. It was the start of the kind of story that gives you goosebumps every time you hear it.

Only four years have passed since that historic day, though it seems like many more. The strength of Juventus Women began to take shape, becoming consolidated as time wore on, and now its roots stretch deep. It’s become an identity – a brand. One synonymous with success.

Today though, we’re talking about a sporting fairy-tale. We’re talking about the latest achievement from this group of women as they see themselves crowned Italian champions yet again. Not content with just winning the title, this season the team has not only gone unbeaten – they’ve won every single league game they’ve played.

That’s despite the fact that our opponents continue to progress and that the league is becoming more competitive and entertaining with every passing year. Our congratulations to AC Milan who – up until yesterday – were just six points behind us, meaning they too had won all their games aside from their clashes against Juventus.

But that’s the secret of Juventus Women. When it really counts, they come together. When things get tough, they raise their game. Behind their smiles is the eye of the tiger – behind their class and talent is hours and hours of hard work from the players and the coaching staff, led by Rita Guarino. She began with a vision, that vision became a dream – and now that dream has become a reality full of incredible success.

The Juventus Women fairy-tale began in the past, is unfolding in the present and already has one eye on the future, because – here at Juventus – we know that the sweetest victory is always the next one. Juventus Women seem destined to keep growing, with success outside of Italian a long-held ambition.

But now is not the time for plans. We’ll think about that tomorrow.

Today is our time to celebrate – once more – our wonderful Italian champions. We’re incredibly proud of you, our F4BULOUS Juventus Women.

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