Abbraccio tra Gatti e Vlahovic in Monza-Juve

Fino alla fine, defined

Fino alla fine, defined
Fino alla fine, defined
Fino alla fine, defined

136 seconds.

From disappointment to elation in 136 seconds.

That was the amount of time that elapsed between Carboni's equaliser for Monza and Gatti's goal for Juventus that gave the Bianconeri the lead once more, ensuring three very important points. Inbetween those seconds lies all the strength of a group that always wants to fight and that cannot, and will never, surrender. Because they know that until the final whistle there is always hope, because they knows that 'Fino alla fine' it is not just a motto.

That strength was evident in the reaction to Carboni's goal and was made clear by Federico Gatti at the end of the match, after the winning goal and a celebration which clearly showed his emotions.

Io vivo per questa squadra e questo gruppo, metto da parte tutto per i miei compagni, questa è la mia seconda famiglia. Federico Gatti

From the equaliser to the winning goal in just 136 seconds - what happened in Monza represents something unique in recent years. The thought of dropping points did not depress Juve, on the contrary, it made them even hungrier. Hence the commitment from Rabiot and the determination of Gatti, who suddenly transformed into a center forward to be the right man in the right place and at the right time. The three-point man, the symbol of the team's reaction. 

As Coach Allegri reiterated after the game, this victory must be part of a continuous growth path, because the league season is still very long and only with work and the constant desire to improve can goals be achieved and dreams fueled. The reaction after the draw, however, represents a strong signal. 

Here it all is, for you to enjoy once more:

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