Gama Sara

Gama: It's a privilege to wear this shirt

Gama: It's a privilege to wear this shirt
Gama: It's a privilege to wear this shirt
Gama: It's a privilege to wear this shirt

To encapsulate almost seven years in a few thoughts and words is not easy.

We, however, asked Sara Gama, our captain, to sit down with us and try to tell us exactly this from her point of view, on the day when her gaze once again turned to the future, with her renewal until 2025.

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"If I close my eyes and look back over these now almost seven years in Bianconero I think we have been lucky to have so much success, but we have also been very good. As they say in these cases, fortune favours the bold. There are so many memories that come to mind. I think of the first day, the entrance to J|Medical, when we found ourselves with so many teammates with whom we might have already played together before. There, though, we were all nervous, but in a good way: those are situations in which you have great respect and it is right to be a little afraid. The same fear as when you play a game that helps you to be focused. Inevitably, then, my mind goes back to the first training camp, when we won the first Scudetto by overcoming Brescia in the play-off in Novara. I think, then, of 2019 when we played at the Allianz Stadium - that will remain in the history of women's football, and we were part of it. I remember everything: from the journey to get to that match, from the days before with the return from the national team: it was a crescendo of crazy expectation that culminated in a day on the level of that expectation. All this in a match in which we were also playing for the Scudetto, so the tension was really high. It was also nice to share that tension with the opponents: to play for a championship, but to be all united in that moment that went beyond what we were playing for. Then I think of the fourth year and the championship in which we won every game and set a record in that respect too. Then the following year we won three out of three trophies, which was something we were missing, plus the ride in the Women's Champions League, reaching the quarter-finals. We raised the bar there too. Then, in reality, the most beautiful photographs are the moments of fun, of sharing joys and sorrows with my teammates.

In this renewal there is all that. For me it has an important meaning: it means continuity in defending these colours and being part of this family. After so many years, from 2017 when we were born to today, I have seen so much growth, I have built something beautiful together with my teammates. It's a privilege to still make a contribution to what is our journey. We want to do well, maybe it was a couple of years when we did less well than what we were used to, but we are here once again to try to impress. First of all ourselves, and our club. We set ourselves a challenge first and foremost with ourselves, that's what you do at Juventus.

Juventus represents continuity over time. Maintaining this continuity is the easiest secret, but also the most difficult, to aspire to achieve great things. I am happy and proud to be part of this. Sara Gama (agosto 2019)

In 2019 I was talking about continuity over time, now we are still here in a year in which we have again already won a trophy. Since we were born we have always taken the colours of this club to the highest level. Continuity over time, being considered a top team means remaining at this level for several years. That is a fundamental thing: to repeat, repeat and repeat again. It's difficult to always be at that level and you have to be able to renew yourself, I will be here one more year to try with this club to renew ourselves while always remaining ourselves.

There are characteristics that make you a player or a player for Juventus, every club has its own philosophy and here there is a very precise one. It's a bit of a match between club and player: if you are here, and you have been here for a long time, you have to have certain characteristics. The values of this club that I have learnt is to dedicate yourself to work and to take care of the little details. Always doing something more rather than something less, that makes all the difference in the world when you want to compete to win. Not only on the pitch, but also everything you take care of around it. This is what, with sacrifice and effort, gets you to a result over time. This is one of the most important things I have learnt. You have to love this club and what we do. To love each other: we are professionals, but there is always an extra variable to be taken into account and that is attachment to the jersey and believing in what you are building, only in this way can you create important stories. We did it in the past and our goal must be to do it in the future."

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