L'esultanza di Cristiana Girelli dopo il gol contro la Roma

Girelli on Twitch: "Sunday's match the most important of the season" 

Girelli on Twitch: "Sunday's match the most important of the season" 
Girelli on Twitch: "Sunday's match the most important of the season" 
Girelli on Twitch: "Sunday's match the most important of the season" 

A special guest in this afternoon's episode on our official Twitch channel: Cristiana Girelli! The Juventus Women striker touched on various topics in the live broadcast, from Saturday's super victory against Roma to her relationship with Martina Rosucci, her interest in social media and, of course, her feelings leading up to this weekend's Italian Cup final in Salerno, kicking off at 16:30 CEST against the Giallorosse.


"We wanted to see out the season in front of our home fans in the best possible way, and we think we succeeded in a difficult year. Straight after the final whistle our attention immediately turned to the match that awaits us on Sunday. The final in Salerno will be the most important match for us and we wanted to win against Roma in the last league match to be able to face them again with confidence. That was very important to us."


"When you are used to winning, as soon as you fall short, it hurts. This year has been a complicated year, in which we have suffered, but I think this will help us come back stronger than before. We are Juventus and our goal must always be to play to win and when you don't succeed, you have to roll up your sleeves and keep working. What I feel like saying to the fans is that we will celebrate together again and that this is the moment for us all to be united, ready to fight to the end, together."


"Without a doubt, Sunday will be the most important match of the year for us, obviously given how the season has turned out. In the history of Juventus Women, we've never ended a season without a trophy, so we will give everything to win the Italian Cup. This aspect will be fundamental to keep in mind when we take the field. We must have that hunger that has always distinguished us and often made the difference. We know it will be a complicated match because, in addition to being a final, it will be the sixth time we will face Roma this year and consequently mental strength and details will make the difference."


"Wearing this number on my jersey is a source of enormous pride for me. The first time they gave me the number 10 jersey I was really surprised. It's still hard to get used to now and it pushes me to always give something more. For me it's an honour and it's wonderful, also because I was the first player to wear this shirt for Juventus Women, a shirt that has an enormous weight in this club because simply extraordinary players have worn it - above all Alessandro Del Piero, my idol. I've always been attracted to number 10s in general, in fact when I was very little I went to see Brescia and there was Roberto Baggio who played with that number and it was fantastic."


"Martina and I have the same thoughts about football. I think her injury is a real injustice. I am living this period with her, sharing moments of joy with her because she cannot experience them firsthand and being close to her in the most difficult moments on her road to recovery are normal. On Saturday, the goal I scored, I dedicated to her. We are really close, we respect each other first as people and then as professionals. It's really hard to accept not being able to have her with us on the pitch in such important moments for the team, but her support off the pitch has never lacked. She is always present and for us that is really important."


"I think it is great to be able to share emotions and thoughts on social media, if done in the correct way. For me they are a valuable tool for transmitting positive messages and also for getting information. I use Twitter, for example, as a source of information. Each channel has its own peculiarity and I think it's very cool. We have to be good at exploiting the potential they offer."

As always, we haven't revealed everything: below you will find the link to the broadcast to hear all of Cristiana's words!

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