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Girelli: There is nothing more beautiful than playing for Juventus

Girelli: There is nothing more beautiful than playing for Juventus
Girelli: There is nothing more beautiful than playing for Juventus
Girelli: There is nothing more beautiful than playing for Juventus

Cristiana Girelli is unique. With 116 goals for Juventus Women, she is the Bianconere's record goalscorer, and she stands out on her own as the only player to have surpassed 100 goals for the club. In celebration of renewing her contract until 2025 - with an option of another year - Cristiana spoke in an attempt to put her feelings into words.


“I see black and white in my future. I hope there are still many more victories to give this club and our fans. I see more beautiful moments to come, like those we have experienced so far. I’m feeling such wonderful feelings, I’m very happy right now.

“After his own renewal, Stefano Braghin used some very strong, true and profound words that I wholeheartedly embrace. When you are at this club you have to hold onto it tightly, it’s a great honour. Time has flown by here and if I look back I realise six years have passed, but it’s a love story that’s still in its infancy. My heart beats fast as if every day is the first, every single time I wear this shirt.”


“I’m proud when the younger players see me as a role model. But I really don’t think I do anything special other than play with heart and passion. This is also a reason for growth because you have to improve every day, but of course I’m happy when the younger players take something from it. Seeing them look to me as an example, but also that they are even better than me on the pitch, is something that makes me proud and gives me real satisfaction.”


“There have been so many, sometimes you can forget just how much this team has won. But if I had to choose a few I think of the Champions League nights. It’s only two years since that historic night against Lyon, and I have some melancholic feelings for not having lived nights like those again this season. Looking back sometimes doesn’t do you any real good, but every now and then I think it’s necessary because to relive those moments we have to be sure to not take anything for granted. Then of course there was the brace against Wolfsburg on Alessandro Del Piero’s birthday, that will always stay with me. Scoring twice under that curva was magical, it was a crazy feeling.”


“Until this morning I was thinking about what words to use for this moment. In the dressing room I heard, by chance, Ramazzotti’s song ‘Più bella cosa’ and I thought of those very words. What I feel every time I play for Juventus is exactly this: there is nothing more beautiful. And that is the common theme of every match I have played and will play. When a heart beats so strongly for a shirt and the colours you are defending, there is no choice to be made and everything comes naturally.

“I have to thank Director Stefano Braghin, he was the first to put his confidence in me and he spoke about this recently. This home is everything, it’s a heart that will continue to beat fast for a long time to come.”

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