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Happy birthday, President!

Happy birthday, President!
Happy birthday, President!
Happy birthday, President!

Today is the birthday of our president, Andrea Agnelli.

It's not a day like any other, not a moment like any other.

Much has been written, much has been said, much will still be said, and what we want to say today, to borrow a term dear to Andrea, is simply 'thank you'.

While leafing through the pages of the newspapers, you may risk losing sight of other pages - those of the history books. A history that has bound our club to one family for almost a century, in which Juventus became legendary, to then consolidate that status from 2010 onwards, thanks to an unprecedented era, on and off the pitch.

All this is possible if it is driven by a vision.

A clear, precise vision.

Andrea Agnelli has not only demonstrated he has always possessed that vision but he has made it a distinctive trait of his, taking Juventus by the hand towards horizons that recently before had been unthinkable. On the pitch, and it is enough to scroll down a list of honours so long you risk forgetting some, and off - everything that is before our eyes today, and after a few years appears almost "normal", such as a new visual identity, such as the new modern infrastructure, such as a look at worlds "other" than football’s, such as sports projects never seen before in Italy, is a result of that vision.

A vision that has had – and continues to have – the drive towards the future as its distinctive feature because, to borrow another concept dear to Andrea, after achieving victory you immediately start thinking ahead to the next one.

Remembering this lesson is the best way to wish our President a happy birthday.

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