J-Medical officially unveiled

J-Medical officially unveiled
J-Medical officially unveiled
J-Medical officially unveiled

Ensuring success on the pitch is the primary aim of Juventus and the key to this is staying ahead of the game at all times.

Having opened J-Stadium in 2011 and J-Museum the following year, the club has reaped significant rewards, winning eight trophies since then, but constant innovation is required to pave the way for an even brighter future.

Today Juventus took yet another important step in this direction with the launch of J-Medical, a state-of-the-art medical centre, devised in collaboration with Santa Clara Group, situated in J-Stadium’s East Stand, next to J-Museum.

The aim? To unite the medical expertise of the Bianconeri and the experience of one of the country's leading healthcare operators in an innovative, first-rate set-up, which will benefit professional athletes and private patients alike.


“J-Medical represents the next step in terms of strengthening our facilities at the club,” opened Juventus CEO Aldo Mazzia. “Its objective is to provide quality support for our medical staff, but also to enlarge the network that the club has created down the years with top-level specialists. In order to make this work, it was necessary to find a partner of considerable experience in the field of medicine, for which Santa Clara Group represents the perfect fit. We’ve also formed a partnership with General Electric that guarantees state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Furthermore, we’ve built a team, counting 39 medical staff, of the highest order.”

Continuing on from Mazzia was Elio Testa, CEO of J-Medical and president of Santa Clara Group, who emphasised how J-Medical’s main objective was “to place the patient at the centre of everything.”

“It’s in our remit to treat each patient of every age just like an athlete, a champion, who’ll find excellent medical staff and facilities at their disposal.”

Next to speak was Marco Campione, president and CEO of GE Healthcare Italia, the medical arm of General Electric, responsible for the provision of first-rate medical equipment to the centre.

“It’s an honour and a pleasure that J-Medical chose us as a partner,” Campione began. “In order to create an innovative medical facility based on a state-of-the-art healthcare model, we identified certain areas warranting special attention.

“First, the health of women and safety of the patient through the use of the latest technology for carrying out mammographies and X-rays. Then, the sharing of information to allow the doctor to have all patient data at his disposal. Finally, there’s the area of sports medicine, for which J-Medical sets the bar at the highest standard.”

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Wrapping up the press conference Bianconeri CEO Giuseppe Marotta underlined the responsibility that football clubs have in giving something to society, describing J-Medical as an example to be followed within the European game.

He concluded: “J-Medical provides the latest evidence of how Juventus Stadium is a leading institution in the world of football. It’s here that the experience of an athlete begins, whether it be for a fitness test for youngsters looking to pursue sport or for new players.

“This is an independent structure with its own medical staff under the guidance of Doctor Fabrizio Tencone, but one which derives from the concept that a football club needs to play a key role in society. For this reason, we’ve decided to extend our competencies in the medical field to the benefit of external patients. I believe that this sets a fine example in European football.”

J-Medical will be open Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 22.00 and on Saturdays from 08.00 to 13.00

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