J1897 DAY: a Bianconera tradition that continues to grow

J1897 DAY: a Bianconera tradition that continues to grow
J1897 DAY: a Bianconera tradition that continues to grow
J1897 DAY: a Bianconera tradition that continues to grow

It’s more than just an exclusive dinner with President Andrea Agnelli and a special host of the caliber like Andrea Barzagli. J1897 Day is a tradition that takes place every year and expands, just like the Bianconera family.

A total of 250 J1897 Members arrived from all over Italy and from across the world (Switzerland, Slovenia, Great Britain, Austria, Romania, Luxemburg, German and Ecuador) participated in the sixth edition of the J1897 Day and ate at the splendid Gianni and Umbreto Agnelli suite at Allianz Stadium. Tonight, is a confirmation of the global expansion of the Juventus Membership family, that hasn't stopped growing, which has been demonstrated, above all, through the doubling of memebers for the J1897 Members this current season.

It’s a dinner that didn’t lack any emotion. After the introduction of President Andrea Agnelli, who underlined the fundamental importance of the fans.

"Last year there were 10 000 Member affiliates, now there are 21 000,” declared the President before turning his thoughts to the season that is coming to an end. “To start on 1st July and think that winning the Scudetto is possible is beautiful, but it is not, because behind every success there is work and sweat,” stressed Agnelli. “The hallmark of our club has always been the ability to innovate and to see the future before others. On the one hand, as the President of ECA, I am concentrating, together with other stakeholders, on redesigning the football of the future. Juventus, on the other hand, must have the ability to look ahead while consolidating its real estate portfolio and realities such as the Under 23 and Juventus Women, who were able to win the second consecutive league title in their first two years of life. In short, we live in today, but project into tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

Andrea Barzagli was also present on the stage for the ‘special’ evening, and he did not hide his emotion when thanking the fans for all the support he received in the last eight years.

“The most significant moment was perhaps the inauguration of the stadium,” the defender recalled. “There I understood what is really behind this club. But even the first league title was special, as was the last one, which marks the end of my career. I will miss the daily work, the jokes, the preparation of games, suffering and rejoicing together with the boys. It will be tough, but now a new path begins: the next one will be an important year to understand what path to take, but I don't see myself far from football.

To finish off the splendid evening, lots of entertainment, surprise shows and gifts were there, in a tradition that once again establishes the strong bond of the Bianconera family.


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