Carolina Chiappero riceve il premio "Innovation of the Year" al SFS23

Juventus among key players at 2023 Social Football Summit

Juventus among key players at 2023 Social Football Summit
Juventus among key players at 2023 Social Football Summit
Juventus among key players at 2023 Social Football Summit

Juventus were one of the leading clubs at the 2023 Social Football Summit, held at Rome's Stadio Olimpico on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 November 2023.

The key topics this year were the future of the game and sustainability and, as ever, the annual football industry event attracted guests and speakers from across Italy and Europe.

Marco Castellaneta al Social Football Summit 2023


Juventus Head of Digital Media Marco Castellaneta was a member of the 'TikTok: Where all fans play' panel on Tuesday.

“We're very pleased with the work we've done on TikTok in recent years,” Castellaneta explained. “With 29 million followers, we're Italy's leading brand on the platform, the fifth football club in the world and the ninth biggest brand worldwide. It's fascinating because TikTok has changed the rules of the game. The new language it's introduced is a challenge because it's altered our way of communicating. To be a successful brand on platforms like TikTok, you have to be brave enough to change your tone. The landscape has changed. Up until a few years ago, it was the clubs communicating and platforms adapting to them. Now it's the opposite: your communication adapts to the language of the new platforms.”


Later on Tuesday, during the SFS23 gala dinner, Juventus Innovation Manager Carolina Chiappero and i-Brain Tech Head of Marketing Ashley Rose collected the Innovation of the Year award, for "a product or process innovation that has achieved objective results and recognition for pioneering and development", and specifically, the club's neurofeedback training initiative.

Chiappero commented: “This is recognition for the collaboration and synergy between the sports side and the corporate side of our club, between sport science and innovation. It is an award we are very proud of.”

Paolo Monguzzi al Social Football Summit 2023


Innovation, future and sustainability are the three pillars on which the sixth Social Football Summit was erected and those same principles came to the fore on Wednesday in the many speeches delivered.

Juventus Head of Stadium Revenue and Entertainment Paolo Monguzzi spoke as part of the 'Develop a Stadium Revenue Strategy' panel.

“Around 10% of our stadium capacity is dedicated to premium services and every year around 1000 businesses watch Juventus matches from the hospitality areas at Allianz Stadium,” Monguzzi said. “We work tirelessly to develop new products and experiences and always place the fan at the heart of every decision we make, never forgetting the huge social value football represents.”

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