Juventus Women announce new partnership with Pink Bari

Juventus Women announce new partnership with Pink Bari
Juventus Women announce new partnership with Pink Bari
Juventus Women announce new partnership with Pink Bari

"We decided to open our club to the whole world of southern women's football, which unfortunately doesn't have the opportunities that exist in other areas to give girls the opportunity not only to play football, but to do so in an organised manner such as that of Juve. We are pleased to have an outpost for our youth activity in the south, giving the girls of Pink Bari the opportunity to have the opportunity of high level football. Through Juventus they will be able to grow with a methodology that has given us good results, since in that area there are objective difficulties for girls who approach this sport."

These are the words spoken by Stefano Braghin, Women's Teams Director, on the occasion of the presentation of the new partnership between Juventus and Pink Bari. A partnership born with the aim of merging the historical legacy of Pink Bari with the Juventus method which intends to transmit values ​​that go beyond the playing field.

The Juventus method includes both the teaching and development of football skills and educational training, thus helping little girls to become young girls, starting from the introduction to the game up to their maturity. Starting from the recreational and creative aspect of the game of football, the players are involved in activities designed in order to aid their all-round development. The activities are based on respect for the physical and mental well-being of young people in order to make them independent.

The future of women's football in the south is represented by the young generations of players who will be trained and it is precisely for this reason that the partnership with our club takes on a truly important weight and value.

"There has been a lot of talk about the growth of women's football, - continued Braghin - of professionalism that has been achieved amidst many lights and some shadows of sustainability. Professionalism brings many rights, it allows female players to finally be recognised in their profession. We are the only professional sport in Italy, but the burden for the clubs is significant from a cost point of view. We will have to work very diligently for the movement to become attractive and attract investors. There is also talk of the national team and the Champions League. Juventus and Roma are achieving good results at the moment, but we mustn't forget that all this starts with recruiting."

And then again, to conclude: "We are a young country, we must ensure that the girls play football in a serious context like that of Bari and with proven methodologies like those of Juve. The numbers must grow, more and more girls must have the opportunity to play. Then maybe we will be able to compete with the national teams that today have 10, 12, 15 times more members than us. Not all of them have to become national team players, we know how football can be a vehicle for social redemption. They will not all be footballers, but athletes who will be able to grow in a healthy, educational environment with values. We want to make an important social contribution at a time when certain messages are fundamental for the sporting growth of our country and it's not right that half the country doesn't have this opportunity. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but I am convinced that every little gesture contributes to making our world better. Combining the skills and history of Pink Bari with the methodology and organisation of Juventus Women seemed to us a way for others to follow this example. So that the girls of the south don't have to watch the games on television or compete with the boys, but play their championships following dreams and passion."

The partnership aims to be a model of active collaboration between increasingly converging skills and experiences to achieve a fusion of the respective identities and give life to an ecosystem of integrated and interconnected solutions, in order to guide the development of new generations of female players.

Representing Juventus, Carola Coppo (Head of Women's Academy) and Stefan Busso (Technical Coordinator) were present at the event.

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