Juventus' commitment against racism and discrimination

Juventus' commitment against racism and discrimination
Juventus' commitment against racism and discrimination
Juventus' commitment against racism and discrimination

March 21 is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - a theme that has always been relevant for Juventus. So much so, the club over the last decade has given rise to structured programs with a precise objective: to create the necessary awareness that gives the new generations the right tools to deal with the subject.

In fact, eight years ago, “Colour? What Colour?” was published thanks to the support of the club. The academic publication consisted of a report that concretely analysed the typical racist phenomena that plays a part in the world of football.

In 2020 the next step - the evolution and revolution of the "Un Calcio al Razzismo" project, proposed in its new guise as a free school curriculum for lower secondary schools and dedicated to the themes: racism, labels, stereotypes, discrimination and, starting this school year, beyond the limit of the disability bias.

In 2021 Juventus wanted to get involved further, this time in an even more innovative way for a football club, which consisted in launching a podcast dedicated to the issue of race, focused on a frank examination of this phenomenon. In fact, it is not by avoiding or eliminating the word race that the problem of racism is resolved.

The first season of "Sulla Razza" - produced thanks to the support of Juventus - by Nadeesha Uyangoda, Natasha Fernando and Maria Catena Mancuso, developed episode by episode a path structured around 12 key words. By placing language at the centre, the aim was to translate words belonging to the Anglo-Saxon world that express typical daily racist attitudes but which do not find the right name in the Italian context, except at an academic level.

A podcast that made headlines, and was shortlisted for the Pod Awards in the two categories Diversity and Disclosure.


Today the first two episodes of the second season of "Sulla Razza"  are released. The structure of the format is similar, with new keywords at the centre of the new ten episodes. A new season that sees new partners alongside the project. The podcast, still written by the three authors mentioned above and created thanks to Juventus, this year has been produced and will be distributed by the One Podcast platform - let's ask them how they like to define themselves.

The first two episodes of this new interesting season are:

- Politically Correct

- Black Lives Matter

But keep up to date because in the next few days there will be even more good news.

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