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Juventus for Earth Day

Juventus for Earth Day
Juventus for Earth Day
Juventus for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, an occasion on which to raise awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and to promote concrete actions to protect our planet.

Juventus is aware of its role in football, and the responsibility and influence of its actions on the environment. With this in mind, the Club has been committed to reducing its environmental impact for years.

The Club was the first Italian club to sign up to the Sports for Climate Action Framework, a United Nations project that brings the global sports community together in the fight against climate change. 

Since 2022, the Club has been measuring and reporting its carbon footprint, seeking to reduce it in a number of ways, from waste management to energy consumption. In 2019, following an audit of the Club’s environmental policy, the Allianz Stadium was the first in Italy to obtain the ISO 14001 environmental certification. From 2022, that extended to the JTC at Continassa. As well, since 2021, the Club has obtained the environmental certification ISO 20121, an internal standard for the sustainable organisation of events. 

In order to communicate its environmental commitment, Juventus publishes an annual Non-Financial Statement through which more information on the topic can be obtained. 

This is the context behind the collaboration with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation working on global reforestation. Since 2020, the two parties have worked together to plant 55,000 trees across the world. Having done so, the agroforestry project has evolved, focusing on the territory of Turin and its province to support degraded or deforested areas by replanting 9,000 new unique species over three years, highlighting the importance of sustainable land management practices in urban environments. 

The project is particularly active in the following areas: at the Orti Generali in the Mirafiori area, Cascina Falchera in Turin’s southern suburbs, and Fiano in the La Mandria Natural Park. The objective is to contribute to the restoration of vital ecological functions, to promote the health and resilience of the ecosystem, and to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases through the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Understanding the importance of Earth Day, our men’s and women’s Under-15s teams, and our men’s Under-16s team spent a day immersed in nature in the Orti Generali area of Turin, one of the three above-mentioned sites. Experiencing first-hand the Club’s commitment to the territory, the teams experienced an afternoon in conjunction with a special training session, organised in collaboration with One Tree Planted and Soulfood Firestorms - an Italian non-profit that provided its expertise on regenerative reforestation by involving the young footballers in experiential and brainstorming activities. 

Initiatives like these are shining examples of how individuals, organisations and communities can come together to have a positive impact on the environment.

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