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Juventus-Inter ⎮Tickets to be refunded

Juventus-Inter ⎮Tickets to be refunded
Juventus-Inter ⎮Tickets to be refunded
Juventus-Inter ⎮Tickets to be refunded

Given the absolute peculiarity of the national context, Juventus F.C. has decided - in exceptional conditions due to the recent applicable legislation, as well as the contractual conditions currently in force - to reimburse the price of the single ticket, purchased and paid through official sales channels, for the Juventus F.C. vs F.C. Internazionale Milano match, held on 8 March behind closed doors by order of the Public Authority (previously scheduled for 1 March 2020, and valid for SERIE A 19/20). Reimbursements will start from Thursday 26 March 2020 at 10.00

These are the ways in which fans can receive a refund for the price paid for the ticket (s) from the Juventus vs Inter match:

  • Fans who purchased the ticket on the Sport.ticketone.it website or through the Ticketone call center will obtain, by crediting the same credit card used to purchase the tickets, a refund equal to the amount indicated on the ticket;
  • Fans who have purchased the ticket at the ticket office must send a communication to the PEC address of TicketOne restituzione.biglietti.puntivendita@pec-legal.it (it is possible to send from your email address even if it is not certified PEC). The email must contain:

The front / back scan of the ticket purchased - or of your Juventus card (in the case of loading the title on the card) - for which a refund is requested. The refund is guaranteed only if the scan / image of the ticket or card are clearly legible.

One will have to complete a refund form. The refund is guaranteed only if all the elements shown on the scanned form are clearly legible.

It is therefore recommended to check the image quality before sending. Refund requests must be sent by TicketOne by 30 April 2020;

  • Members enrolled in an Official Fan Club who have purchased the single ticket, must contact their Club - which has applied for tickets on their behalf through the dedicated portal - in order to obtain a refund of the price specified on the coupon. More information will be communicated through the dedicated JOFC portal.
  • Fans who purchased through Juventus Fan Service will receive information on how to proceed via a dedicated e-mail
  • For the refund of the tickets from the Legends Club grandstand, the buyers will be contacted by email from the reference account.

The reimbursement provides for the refund of the ticket price, therefore any service fees and / or additional charges applied by the ticket service provider are excluded.

This reimbursement initiative only concerns the purchase by fans of individual tickets for the Juventus vs Inter match. Subscriptions, packages relating to multiple matches or services, and the purchase of single tickets from other matches postponed to this day are excluded (for example and not limited to the Champions League match: Juventus vs Olympique Lyonnais and Juventus vs Milan in the Italian Cup): in relation in these situations, the contractual provisions in force remain pending, also pending official decisions on the competitions currently suspended. Further information and communications will be published on the Juventus.com website

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