Juventus Membership: another year together #WeAreOne

Juventus Membership: another year together #WeAreOne
Juventus Membership: another year together #WeAreOne
Juventus Membership: another year together #WeAreOne

Behind every celebration, there are star players who fight until the end for the only thing that matters, winning. And you're there with them, our beating heart that gives us energy every day. Together we've triumphed for over a century, we've made football history and, not content with that, we've started rewriting it.

Behind every success, there are fans who want to engage with the club and be an active part of its everyday life. In other words, they want to be in the thick of it. This year too.

All those who spoke to the Bianconeri Top Management on 1 June at Juventus Stadium; all those who had the chance to meet the team at the stadium and on away trips in Italy and around the world; all those who secured their ticket for that unmissable match before anyone else; all those who take part in the Old Lady's online activities and access exclusive content...

One by one, these fans are part of the Juventus Membership project: one by one, they are the heartbeat of the official Bianconeri community. They are our soul.

Once again, we can't wait to share our passion for these colours with you on a daily basis. And to do so, we're giving you different options to get the full Juventus experience.

These include welcome packs containing a special T-shirt celebrating the Scudetto, a keyring and a sign that reads “non c’è due senza tre” (J1897 Members will also receive limited edition personalised sunglasses by Italia Independent group and a custom-made bracelet), and new partnerships with TIM and BWIN. The latter offers you a free €5 bet and a bonus on your first deposit of €50; download the Serie A TIM app and for only €20, rather than €29, you can access Premium content each week (every Juventus match live, plus five of the biggest matches from the other teams in Serie A TIM 2014/15). There are also deals with Trenitalia and Willis.

Just like at the exclusive meeting at Juventus Stadium on 1 June, J1897 Members will again this year have the chance to take part in the life of the club like no one else and meet the Top Management. With Juventus' summer tour, Premium International Members will be able to use the opportunity to meet the team and secure tickets for the Bianconeri's friendlies!

Choose from among these options the solution best suited to your needs: the Old Lady will be back in action soon and she wants to keep winning for you and with you. Once again this year #WeAreOne.

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