JOFC Day 2

Juventus Official Fan Club Day 2023!

Juventus Official Fan Club Day 2023!
Juventus Official Fan Club Day 2023!
Juventus Official Fan Club Day 2023!

A morning dedicated to Juventus and fan clubs around the globe.

They have literally arrived from all over the world, to experience a morning designed for them, and above all dedicated to them - we are talking about the over 300 presidents representing Juventus Official Fan Clubs spread all over the world, who were the real protagonists of "JOFC Day 2023" in the setting of the OGR hub in Turin.

Saturday 1 April was a moment of sharing, enriched by the presence of President Gianluca Ferrero, and by the words from Paolo Monguzzi, Head of Stadium Revenue & Entertainment.

After a brief introduction the participants fully immersed themselves in the event with group activities in which those taking the part had the opportunity to create and present Juventus-themed projects.

Activities that took them up to the lunch break, which offered another opportunity to share and end a day of celebration - and above all passion - in the best possible way. A day for true Bianconeri.



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