Juventus e One Tree Planted

Juventus & One Tree Planted - still together side by side!

Juventus & One Tree Planted - still together side by side!
Juventus & One Tree Planted - still together side by side!
Juventus & One Tree Planted - still together side by side!

That Juventus has made a commitment towards the environment is well known, but in such a delicate historical moment from this point of view, confirmation has arrived of just how much our club cares about the consequences generated by climate change.

And this is just one of the reasons why the collaboration between Juventus and the non-profit association One Tree Planted, which first took root in season 2020/2021 - we presented it to you here - has been renewed, evolving from this year into a three-year project that will now also take into consideration Turin and the surrounding provinces. And what better time than World Earth Day to reveal the evolution of this project, whose positive effects are demonstrated by the numbers - since the beginning of this collaboration between Juventus and OTP, 55 thousand trees have been planted all over the world, with an estimated 11 thousand tons of CO2 retained in the first 20 years after sowing.

The desire now is to send out another important signal.

Pursuing the mission of the environmental strategy aimed at reforestation, impact mitigation and emission compensation, for the next three years the objective of the collaboration has been revised to also give a tangible signal of our commitment to our local territory, leaving to future generations an improved city and urban ecosystem.

Indeed, Juventus is aware of the responsibilities and influence of its actions on the environment. It will therefore continue to act to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible and to raise awareness on the subject.

In fact, on Earth Day, Juventus Women and Next Gen will take to the field on Saturday 22 April with a never-before-seen pennant, dedicated to the UN #ShowYourStripes campaign, which in a simple and effective way through the Warming Stripes demonstrates how the process of global warming has accelerated in recent years.

And on Sunday 23 April the same campaign will take place on the sidelines at the Allianz Stadium.

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