Juventus & WeSportUp join forces!

Juventus & WeSportUp join forces!
Juventus & WeSportUp join forces!
Juventus & WeSportUp join forces!

Juventus has joined the WeSportUp team, the Accelerator of the CDP National Network dedicated to Sport & Wellness. The collaboration includes numerous activities such as dedicated workshops, participation in the masterclasses of the program, organisation of events on sport tech innovation at national and international level, technology scouting, mentorship activities, creation of PoC (Proofs of Concept) and pilot projects with Accelerator startups.


WeSportUp is the sport&wellnessTech startup accelerator founded on the initiative of Sport & Salute SpA and CDP Venture Capital through its Fondo Acceleratori, handled by Startupbootcamp and Wylab as operators of the program

The entry of Juventus Football Club as WeSportUp's sport corporate marks a fundamental step for the accelerator, which now also appeals to the top players in the sports industry. At the same time, WeSportUp will be functional to Juventus Football Club's innovative strategy, contributing to the growth of the club thanks to the collaboration with startups.

The announcement of the collaboration takes place in conjunction with the launch of the second cycle of WeSportUp and the official opening of the call for applications aimed at startups that develop products or services dedicated to sport and well-being in all areas of innovation. These are solutions that impact on specific focus areas: Activity & Performance; Fitness & Lifestyle; Wellness & Nutrition; Management & Organisation; Fan Experiences & Metaverse; Gaming & Esports; ESG & Sustainability; Venue & Stadium Tech.

Startups interested in taking part in WeSportUp's selection can submit their application from today until 24 May using the dedicated website www.wesportup.it.

Carolina Chiappero, Juventus Innovation Manager:

"The collaboration with WeSportUp, as the first vertical accelerator on sport&wellnessTech themes, represents an important aspect of the Juventus innovation model. It is not new that Juventus is determined to be a key player in future changes, strengthening its approach to innovation and has demonstrated this with the creation of a new function dedicated to it. We have high expectations related to this collaboration and we look forward to presenting the first POCs soon."

Federico Smanio, AD di Wylab e Program Director di WeSportUp:

"Having Juventus Football Club among WeSportUp's partners is a great satisfaction as well as an honour and a responsibility. Juventus Football Club has chosen to work with us because we are a perfect fit with the innovation strategy that the club has drawn up, an articulated path that involves the participation of several players that operate at the highest level in the field of sport and innovation with startups as the common denominator. Ours will be a partnership dedicated to substance, we want to help Juventus to achieve their challenging goals in a concrete way and we want to do it through startups and the ecosystem of our accelerator."

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