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Juventus wins ChainOn Innovation Award

Juventus wins ChainOn Innovation Award
Juventus wins ChainOn Innovation Award
Juventus wins ChainOn Innovation Award

Great recognition for our Juventus Next Gen! The young Bianconeri have been awarded the ChainOn Innovation prize, an acknowledgment for an important competition open to all the teams playing in the Serie C championship, which saw them triumph together with Potenza Calcio. Announced by Lega Pro, the award - which was initiated in October 2022 - was designed with the intention of recognising innovative projects in terms of marketing and communication, as well as the ability to organise events.

With the jury made up of the President of Lega Pro Federico Gaetano and the CEO Giovanni Palazzi, Juventus Next Gen - alongside Potenza Calcio - were given top marks in the first edition of the ChainOn Innovation Award. The projects presented were judged to be the most complete and most compliant with the spirit of the initiative.


Ambitious and original, the winning Bianconero product managed to engage the fans thanks to effective communication, made possible through the use of the social network TikTok, via a 5-episode mini-series called “We The Next Gen”. The mini-series, subtitled in English, showcased the build-up and behind-the-scenes stories of the Coppa Italia Serie C final against Vicenza, giving a fluid, dynamic and unique overview of the Cu-decider. The format therefore hit all the right buttons, exceeding five million views, with Juventus becoming the first club at European level to focus on a project with these unique characteristics.


ChainOn and Lega Pro congratulated the two winning clubs, highlighting that innovation is and will be the key word for the future of clubs and football, a concept both Juventus and Potenza have already grasped.

The award further showcases the success of the Next Gen project, and is an excellent step forward to give even more visibility to the Next Gen reality, which continues to grow and develop.

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