Legend's Corner | The Swiss Express's new life

Legend's Corner | The Swiss Express's new life
Legend's Corner | The Swiss Express's new life
Legend's Corner | The Swiss Express's new life

A few weeks ago the Allianz Stadium welcomed back two great Juventus legends: Sami Khedira and Stephan Lichtsteiner, warmly welcomed back with a standing ovation by the fans, before which the Swiss Express sat down for a chat. 

Not only a player who contributed to many pages of Juve's history, not only a champion of the wing and a constant in the team, on and off the pitch, but for those who know their history, Lichtsteiner is also the scorer of the first ever goal at the Allianz Stadium, on 11 September 2011, against Parma.


"Returning to the Allianz Stadium is always a great emotion, even if I haven't come back here many times. Many people remind me of the fact that I scored the first goal in this stadium, but I tend not to identify with that moment. When you wear the Juve shirt you do it to win, always. It's true, however, that it was a beautiful goal, with a splendid pass by Andrea Pirlo..."



"Yes, I miss it, especially when I return to a stadium like this. A footballer in his career gives his best, but a footballer's career is short by its nature, so on the one hand I would like to get on the pitch, on the other I know that physically I can no longer do it."


"Right after I stopped playing football, I dedicated myself to a passion of mine, which I had had for a long time: it was very interesting and fun for me to do an internship in a company that produces watches. A way to get away from football, but with the aim of returning to this world as soon as possible."


"I am a coach in the youth sector at Basel, it is a good experience for me, formative, on and off the pitch, because I think that in life it is fundamental to gain experiences. The kids I coach are very good, they are learning to manage pressure, and it's nice to accompany them in their growth. We're all having fun together. It's a good group that does undergoes tough training sessions, but has great desire and commitment."



"They put in a lot of work, with their studies and their training. It's a demanding path, but together we do it with great enthusiasm. Each boy has his own way of doing things, but what we try to pass on to them is the concept of discipline, on and off the pitch, preparing  forthe match in the best way and going onto the pitch already with a very specific idea in mind, which they then put into practice, thanks to the work done on technique."

A word of advice? You have to invest a lot in yourself, stay 100% focused and prepared, because it is the best way to bring out your qualities Stephan Lichtsteiner


"I follow Juve closely, I know that they are working very well with young players, because that's what you do in European football: you have to have a little patience and not be afraid to rely on the kids, because trust in them is always abundantly rewarded."

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