More Colorful Together: Juventus kick off new campaign

More Colorful Together: Juventus kick off new campaign
More Colorful Together: Juventus kick off new campaign
More Colorful Together: Juventus kick off new campaign

To celebrate this year’s Pride Month, Juventus have announced the launch of a new campaign and original series of products: More Colorful Together. This initiative is an invitation to all to demonstrate the power we have together and show pride in celebrating our differences.

Juventus recognise the central role that sport can play in promoting social integration and mutual respect. These are the principles that drive the club’s commitment to establishing itself as a reference point for younger generations and spreading the values of equality and support among the community through the DIFFERENCES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE initiative.

The project aims towards concrete actions and to ensure that diversity and inclusion become the tools capable of inspiring change.

The Juventus logo, a symbol of what the club stands for, will have a rainbow tint, with this design giving rise to a new series of products, featuring the More Colorful Together t-shirt and three Juventus logo patches with original graphics. These patches can be applied in store to the match shirt, t-shirt or More Colorful Together top. By attaching and wearing these exclusive patches, each of us can express our identity, show unity and celebrate Pride together.

This initiative offers the perfect opportunity to back social impact projects for LGBTQIA+ communities. Specifically, the club will support the Rainbow Social Fund, established by Milano Pride, which is committed to making society more welcoming, inclusive and respectful of everyone’s rights. It aims to help marginalised groups both within and outside the LGBTQIA+ community.

In the Month of Pride, for each More Colorful Together t-shirt purchased, Juventus will double the contribution to the Rainbow Social Fund, because progress is achieved through solidarity.

Finally, as part of this campaign, we will be hearing from three exceptional individuals: Milano Pride Event Project Manager, Francesco Pintus, is joined by Milano Pride volunteers, Simona Domicoli and Lorenzo Bartolotta, as they share their stories, speak about inclusion and offer their perspectives from the experience they’ve gained over the years.

Francesco Pintus, Simona Domicoli and Lorenzo Bartolotta are the three faces of the campaign celebrating Pride Month 2022. Together they represent an important reality that acts in the recognition of diversity as treasure, Milano Pride. It is with them that we are committed to promoting the culture of respect and inclusion. Francesco, in addition to being a software engineer, is a volunteer activist of CIG Arcigay Milano and more recently the project manager of Milano Pride. For years, his challenge has been to succeed in giving increasing visibility to the battles for the demands of the LGBTQIA+ community. How? By looking for new voices to be involved day by day, without forgetting the importance of representing those who experience certain situations personally. We asked them what it meant to be part of LGBTQIA+ activism and Simona, a volunteer at Milano Pride, spoke about a dream come true. «Since I was a child, I felt a strength inside me that pushed me to do something good». And it was by starting to contribute in the fight for the recognition of community rights that she found the key to her happiness. Over the years, he has observed many changes, particularly with the arrival of social media, which has created new forms of activism and helped give the issue more visibility. «However, we are not at the finish line, there is still a lot to be done, especially when considering the issue of language. It is only with tenacity that small steps can be taken towards a more inclusive future». The same passion as Simona emerged in Lorenzo's words. «My aptitude for volunteering comes from the need to search for new forms of education and interlocutors with the desire to commit to improvement». Over the years, his interest in diversity and inclusion led him to engage as a freelancer and volunteer for Milano Pride in managing relations with the companies that support the event. This collaboration in support of the LGBTQIA+ community was born with his help. «I am proud to have helped a reality like Juventus become an allied voice, especially considering the sport it represents and the difficulty it still has in talking about this issue».

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