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Juventus’ commitment to empowering women continues.

It shouldn’t be nor can it be just one day, but 8 March, International Women’s Day, is surely a time for reflection, increased attention, and more.

Once again this year, 2024, Juventus reaffirms its commitment to promoting gender equity on and off the pitch, and does so by joining forces with INDIVISA, a women’s football community that encourages greater involvement of women in the sport and seeks to break down the barriers that limit it, sending a clear message: we want more women in football.

Together, we have created a limited edition of their iconic ‘More Women in Football’ tote bag, in black. The bag is so much more than an accessory: it is a message, as simple as it is strong, and one that is addressed to everybody, of any gender.

For this very reason, and being aware of the power that each one of us has, Juventus has decided to donate all proceeds to the Spazio Libellula - STEAM Laboratory.

Their – and our - goal is to help provide the new generations with the opportunity to recognise and express their true selves, so as to imagine a future in any sector they desire, overcoming every stereotype.

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As we said above, it is a strong message and one that is shared indiscriminately by all at Juventus, and it is no coincidence that Martina Rosucci and Adrien Rabiot have put their faces to the initiative on behalf of all Bianconeri and Bianconere.

The tote bags will be exclusively available on the Juventus online store from today. Be the change you want to see. Carry the bag with you and show your support! More Women in Football.

The entire proceeds of the sales will be donated to the Libellula Foundation, with whom Juventus has been collaborating since 2022. The Foundation aims to promote and support an inclusive culture with activities aimed at fighting stereotypes, prejudice and harassment, and fostering empowerment. It also facilitates care projects supporting women coming out of situations of violence, promoting their reintegration into work, and helping hospital staff to recognise the signs of domestic violence, even those which are invisible on the eye. The Spazio Libellula promotes inclusion, with empowerment activities aimed at women and men. It supports parenting paths, and provides workshops for children and youths aimed towards overcoming stereotypes and providing education on equity.

Together, we are also conducting an important training course, entitled “Change a Word | Change the World”. It involved over 430 people in two online webinars, for a total of 140 hours of training and which started from some fundamental assumptions: the value of inclusion, the impact of stereotypes and prejudices on people’s lives, the importance of being aware of the ability to modify language and behaviour, as well as how individual responsibility is the first form of collective change.

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Greta Bodino, Chief People, Culture and Sustainability Officer di Juventus, said: «Juventus wants to give continuity and substance to the measures it has taken. Through the collaboration with INDIVISA, we have the opportunity to reaffirm our support for the Libellula Foundation, with whom we share the principles of inclusivity, equity and respect. “We have been collaborating since 2022 on major awareness-raising campaigns, and investing in structured training for our employees is a further step in creating shared awareness».

«We are very happy with the project that Juventus has decided to support - said Debora Moretti, President of the Libellula Foundation - Cultural change is made easier with the involvement of future generations and by giving them the chance to discover what they can dream of and what they are capable of doing, freed from gender stereotypes and prejudices»

Morgan Brennan, Head of INDIVISA, said: «We’ve seen a fantastic response to our More Women in Football tote bag from fans and players and we are excited to take this message to a larger audience through our partnership with Juventus. As well as promoting a message that’s central to INDIVISA’s brand and echoed by our fans, we are looking forward to seeing sales making a difference with Juventus’ support of the Libellula Foundation»

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