Next Gen On the Road | Ranocchia & Rovella at Monza

Next Gen On the Road | Ranocchia & Rovella at Monza
Next Gen On the Road | Ranocchia & Rovella at Monza
Next Gen On the Road | Ranocchia & Rovella at Monza

The second episode of the weekly news bulletin that provides an update on the football adventures of the boys on loan in Italian teams and beyond.

Our journey today does not take long, at least in a geographical sense, because we are moving to Brianza in the neighbouring region of Lombardy, where two talented youngsters, who in the summer completed the pre-season training at Continassa, are now part of the First Team set-up at Monza.

Filippo Ranocchia and Nicolò Rovella are experiencing a whirlwind adventure, in the squad and in experimenting local traditions. For example, Nicolò has apparently developed a great passion for the local dish, risotto "alla monzese".

Joking aside, the season in Brianza undoubtedly offers the lads an important springboard.


At Juve since 2019, Ranocchia was loaned to Vicenza last season after his experience in the then Under 23. Once back in Turin he renewed his contract with the Bianconeri in July until 2026 before setting off again, destination Monza. His debut in the top flight arrived on 14 August. So far, three appearances in total for Filippo, who returned to action in the most recent match, a 2-0 victory against Spezia.


The story of Rovella is different. Bought from Genoa in 2021, he remained there on loan until this summer. With his hometown club he totaled over 40 appearances in the league, demonstrating great personality as well as vision. After pre-season in Turin, Rovella turned out for Juve in three league matches in August, before moving on to Monza.

He has been a constant presence on the field if you consider that Nicolò (also in action against Spezia) has played eight games out of nine with the two shirts so far.

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