Next Gen On The Road to Allianz Stadium

Next Gen On The Road to Allianz Stadium
Next Gen On The Road to Allianz Stadium
Next Gen On The Road to Allianz Stadium

We have told this story many times and we never miss an opportunity to emphasize it: the ambitious and concrete Next Gen project aims to accompany many young players in a decisive step of growth, between the world of youth teams and Under 19s and that of major leagues.

This is achieved by testing players in a difficult, competitive and complicated league like Serie C.

And so we want to seize an important opportunity, such as Soulé's first goal in the First Team against Sampdoria, to tell and take stock of how the Next Gen Project is not just... on the road, but how this road can also lead directly to the Allianz Stadium.


On Sunday the 12th, in the recovery of the match, Soulé scored an important goal for many reasons: because it closed a complicated game, and because it was his first one.

juventus sampdoria 20

STAT: Matìas Soulé is the first player born in 2003 or later to score for Juventus in Serie A. (Opta)

"I've been waiting for this goal since I started playing in Serie A, it made me want to cry with emotion." M.Soulé

A story, that of Mati, which closely intertwines with that of another boy from our Next Gen who started as a starter with Samp, just like in the previous week's Derby: we are talking about Enzo Barrenechea.

Mati and Enzo have come a long way together, initially in the Under 19s, and it was precisely in the 2020/2021 season that their relationship was consolidated on the field, but also and above all outside, when their events had to be forcibly divided after Enzo's injury.

It was the end of May 2021. At the end of that season, Enzo began a long rehabilitation process and Mati, on the other hand, burned the stages, moving from the Under 19s to the then Under 23s, finding his first goals and continuing to grow training after training and game after game until earning the call-up to the First Team and subsequently also his debut among the greats.

And then, for him, the stable position in the First Team roster, while in the current season Enzo is still "splitting" with the Next Gen. Why do we talk about these two? Because a few months ago they were protagonists of Juventus' first original product, entitled "Bianconeri Next Gen," which you can see below.

BIANCONERI NEXT GEN | The tale of two rising stars: Soulé & Barrenechea

BIANCONERI NEXT GEN | The tale of two rising stars: Soulé & Barrenechea


Other talents who have grown here are also part of the First Team: we are talking, for example, about Samuel Iling-Junior, who has already had the opportunity to show his skills this season and on whom we can rely; we talk about Marley Aké, one of the first Next Gen to "ascend" to the league of the greats, who was stopped at the beginning of the season by a serious injury during the Tour in the United States.

And how can we forget about Fabio Miretti, who has also become a regular in the First Team this season, and Nicolò Fagioli, who played a prominent role in Serie B with Cremonese last season after coming up through the Next Gen, winning promotion to Serie A, and game by game is becoming a fundamental player, along with Fabio, in our midfield? He too, a few months ago, achieved a significant personal accomplishment:

Lecce - Juventus | Fagioli's gol

Lecce - Juventus | Fagioli's gol

And then there's Mattia Compagnon, who was called up for the game against Sampdoria, Gian Marco Crespi, who was included in the squad for the Europa League match against Nantes, and Tommaso Barbieri, who made his debut in the Champions League against PSG a few months ago.



The boys, even when they are with the First Team, continue to maintain a close relationship with their Next Gen teammates. Evidence?

And if needed, they respond to Mister Brambilla's calls. It happened in the first leg final of the Serie C Coppa Italia, played at the Allianz Stadium: the Juventus goal was scored by Samuel, and it came from a splendid free-kick by Mati.


The evidence that the relationship between these boys, between the present and recent past, between the school of football and life and the reality in the professional world, is continuous, strong, and firm. It is the best way to grow, with constancy and the incredible desire to make it, which characterizes all the Bianconeri, from youth to the Next Gen.

Let's go ahead like this!

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