Our Official Fan Clubs continue to grow!

Our Official Fan Clubs continue to grow!
Our Official Fan Clubs continue to grow!
Our Official Fan Clubs continue to grow!

It's nothing new: the passion for Juventus knows no boundaries, and never stops growing.

Confirmation of this comes from our official Fan Clubs, which are literally all over the world - there are over 500 (539, to be exact) official Juventus clubs (JOFCs) in 54 countries spread across the globe, with our black and white family ever exapnding.

Italy has the most: 409 JOFCs, with Lombardy the region in first place with 48 clubs, tied with Sicily, followed by Piedmont with 40.

Across Europe, (with 59 clubs, one more than last season), the nation with the most Juventus Official Fan Clubs is Switzerland with 14, followed by Germany (10) and Belgium (5).

But as said above, it is a great love that develops on all continents: we have 71 non-EU Official Fan Clubs (one more than in 2022/23), with the USA leading the rankings with 17, confirming how the the love from the States continues to grow, the result of a constant presence in the country, for example with the Summer Tours of recent years. Also noteworthy is the presence of three clubs in Florida.

There has also been a significant increase in China, with four more clubs compared to last season, resulting from numerous activations in the country, for example, the Watch Party last September with Andrea Barzagli. In total, Asia has 26 Juventus Fan Clubs.

Finally, Australia and Indonesia are also worth mentioning, where Juventus fans can be found attached to three Official Fan Clubs in each country.

In short, it can be said: the whole world supports Juve!

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