Pirlo previews Roma - Juve

Pirlo previews Roma - Juve
Pirlo previews Roma - Juve
Pirlo previews Roma - Juve

Andrea Pirlo addressed invited media today at the Alilanz Stadium, where he spoke about his team’s progress in training, how he is progressing as a coach, and provided updates on his players along with Alvaro Morata.

Here’s what he had to say:


We are increasing the workload, and the team has responded well: we worked even better than last week. The boys are hungry and motivated, despite having won a lot. This enthusiasm and this desire to improve reassures me a lot.


Coaching is a different emotion, because I don't decide, but I depend on the players who take to the field. In my head, I've been trying to figure out for a while how to make the boys perform at their best.


We waited for a forward and he arrived. Alvaro Morata knows us well, I was lucky enough to play with him: he was one of our priorities, on a technical and tactical level he is the player we were looking for.


We have worked with Dybala, who has gradually returned to the group. Let's see how he is today and then we will decide if he comes to Rome. Pellegrini went to Genoa to play more, due to next year’s European Championship. De Sciglio is available, just like last week. We had a talk with Sami Khedira to understand the best solution, for him and for us. Arthur comes from a period of inactivity but has worked well. He is settling in, on a tactical and physical level. Bernardeschi and Douglas Costa are two forward and wing players. There they will have to give their best.


The opponents have strengthened a lot, it will be a thrilling league. Nobody has an advantage; we will have to fight until the last day. Turnover? After one match day it is difficult to implement. I will try to field the best team according to our tactical needs and the characteristics of Roma.

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