Post-derby comments

Post-derby comments
Post-derby comments
Post-derby comments

It was yet another case of pushing until the end on Saturday evening. Juventus enjoyed derby success despite being behind for over an hour, with Weston McKennie and Leonardo Bonucci taming the bull, including a winner by the Italian centre-back just moments before stoppage time. Here’s how the boss and our goalscorers reacted straight after the final whistle.


“Winning the derby as a coach is more tiring and you suffer more, but the final result doesn’t change and it’s always wonderful. When you lose all the duels, it’s difficult to control the contest. In the first half, we didn’t manage to be aggressive. We were too static and didn’t play with width. We went up a gear in the second half, injected intensity and created plenty of chances. The players who came on did well and showed their desire and dynamism. When you can’t get the scoreline you want through your play, you have to do so through your spirit and DNA. We have to improve and move the ball faster, otherwise we give our opposition too much time to get into their positions. You need to call on experience in certain games. When you play young players, you need patience and to give them time to develop. As for [Juan] Cuadrado, he’s a top player who’s used to these types of matches and playing under pressure. I’m pleased with how we’re learning in terms of our movement and the way we face certain tactical situations. I’m not happy with the lack of consistency in our results. We have to show desire and tenacity in every game.”



“We have huge respect for Torino, but we weren’t switched on in the first half. We were much too slow and were second best in the tackle. They kept winning the second balls and our passing was sloppy… They set up to play on the counter and we allowed them to do so. In the second half, we rediscovered our desire, hunger and cutting edge in the tackle. We played the ball shorter and our movement was better. That’s what we always have to do and that needs to be imprinted on us, not in our heads, but in our hearts.”



“It was a tough match. We struggled to find our rhythm and strike the balance to get in behind their compact defensive line in the first half. I wanted to give my all for the team because I always think about the team above all. As for my goal, I like to get into the box, which is what I did and it paid off. Cuadrado and I aren’t that similar as players, but we have a fantastic understanding. We’re pumped for the Barcelona game, so we’ll do our research on them and try to understand how we can get the best possible result.”

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