Post-match comments from Liguria

Post-match comments from Liguria
Post-match comments from Liguria
Post-match comments from Liguria

After the victory over Barcelona, ​the Bianconeri secured another convincing away win. Returning from Spain, Pirlo had clearly asked his team to repeat the Camp Nou performance in the league and, after the three goals scored against Genoa, he can be satisfied. These are his statements and those of Ronaldo and Dybala after the victory against the Rossoblu.


“Attitude was the main thing. We had to move on from Wednesday's match, we knew Genoa would be compact. We attacked them immediately to always have the game in hand. We work on this from the beginning, it allows us to always be in the opponent's half and this also allows us to run less, not having to cover 80 meters of the field. We must continue on this level, with this desire to achieve the result. Sorry for the goal we conceded, but we did well to react and win a decisive a match. Dybala? The goal was important to get, but he had a good game regardless, and now that he has scored, we expect even more. He had been looking for a goal for a few weeks and the hug is for the whole team who has always supported him.”


“The goal is to win, always. After beating a team like Barcelona, ​​you find confidence and the strength to overcome even a team like Genoa, which had a very defensive attitude. After the Champions League it's always tough, but the coach made us understand that we had to change and we did it. Every year, Juve's goal is to win the lesgsue title and the Champions League, only one team succeeds, but we are confident and convinced that we can win something important.”


“For us attackers, scoring goals is important and gives us confidence, I needed it. For many games I was not happy and I felt it more every match. I like touching the ball a lot, playing with my teammates and I was missing this, I hope this goal can give me that confidence. Last year I had an incredible year, this year I started less well, but I was trying to watch the games and understand what to correct to improve and perhaps I was thinking too much and this is wrong, because one must enter the field in peace. I didn't play a great match today, but this goal is important and I'm happy with the victory. I have a wonderful relationship with the Coach, we always talk, we have a good dialogue and this is beautiful. He has always had faith in me and has always spoken well of me, I still have much to give him, I have to continue like this in training and in all situations.”

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