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POST-MATCH COMMENTS | The interviews after Juve-Atalanta

POST-MATCH COMMENTS | The interviews after Juve-Atalanta
POST-MATCH COMMENTS | The interviews after Juve-Atalanta
POST-MATCH COMMENTS | The interviews after Juve-Atalanta


«First of all, let’s assess the first half of the season. Unfortunately, we made mistakes in the Champions League and have racked up 38 points in the league, which would also be more if it hadn’t been for a VAR mistake. Aside from Napoli, that’s more than anyone else. That’s what we need to keep doing.

The players turned in a very good display tonight against a strong and physical Atalanta side. After two days in which there’s been a lot of pressure on us, it wasn’t easy to focus. The players have taken responsibility while showing their serious approach and desire to continue what we started at the beginning of the year.

The game became difficult because we made mistakes for all three goals. We’ve still won eight of our last ten matches, drawing one and losing one, so we’ll keep working hard and that goes for the Europa League and Coppa Italia as well. I have to congratulate the players because going from second or third to suddenly being tenth is tough to take. Psychologically, it’s as if what we’ve done has been taken away from us, but we’re going to keep showing the same level of pride.

I’m pleased with the reaction and performance. Unfortunately, we were made to pay for our mistakes, but we did well to bounce back when we were behind.

We played with physicality. The mistakes could’ve taken the wind out of our sail and at 3-2, they could’ve gone 5-2 up if we’d given in mentally, but we were well organised, stayed in the game and made the most of Danilo’s chance. He’s an extraordinary player who’s having a wonderful season.

The points tally to get into the Champions League could be around 70 or 71, but it’ll be tough. We need to keep working calmly. We have a week to replenish our energy levels, then we have Monza, the Coppa Italia and the Europa League. It’s hard to think right now about what we can achieve».


«It’s an important point. We put in a very good performance in spite of some mistakes. We do need to improve. It’s tough to find ourselves on 22 points out of the blue, but we have to keep working with the same mentality.

The Champions League isn’t an impossible target because Juve have a winning mentality. Now we need to work hard and go on the chase for fourth, while staying strong with our supporters.

There are so many problems and it’s a difficult period of time, but I’m happy here. It’s important for the club to stay strong and for us to keep working hard while showing our togetherness. My priority is my family and we’re all doing well here. We’re happy. I’m at the biggest club in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe.»

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