Post-match Juve-Genoa comments

Post-match Juve-Genoa comments
Post-match Juve-Genoa comments
Post-match Juve-Genoa comments

At the end of the 2-1 victory obtained at the last second against Genoa, Maurizio Sarri, Cristiano Ronaldo and Federico Bernardeschi commented on the performance. These are their statements.


"We played a first half out of rhythm; we were a bit uncertain. Genoa has an excellent level of dribbling and we made some positioning errors in the ball recovery phase, so we had some difficulties. In the second half, we played with a higher intensity and created a lot, the victory came only at the end, but I think it is a consequence of all the opportunities I had. It is a period in which we materialize a little and we give a little too much in terms of dribbling the opponents, it may be that we missed a bit of nastiness. However, it must be said that this evening, the opponents entered our area three times. We need to be more careful, and in this sense, we certainly have room for improvement.”


“I am happy for having won a difficult game against a well-organized team. We believed in it and tried to win it at the end. We created many opportunities, we wanted to win and with each passing minute the tension increased. We knew that Inter had won yesterday and we were second and this was one an added stimulus. We are happy to have obtained three deserved points.”


“It was an important victory, because such suffered successes are worth double. We gave a great response to the league and congratulations to the team for the character shown. We have created a lot and it is a period in which we find it hard to score, but more will come. Personally, I am satisfied: I feel good and I'm working a lot, but beyond the performance of the individual, it is important to win.”

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