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Presentation of Juve Women's new Pozzo-Lamarmora Stadium

Presentation of Juve Women's new Pozzo-Lamarmora Stadium
Presentation of Juve Women's new Pozzo-Lamarmora Stadium
Presentation of Juve Women's new Pozzo-Lamarmora Stadium

A press conference was today held to present the Pozzo-Lamarmora Stadium in Biella at the venue itself, with Head of Women’s Football Stefano Braghin and defender Cecilia Salvai addressing the media gathered in Biella. The "new home" of Juventus Women is ready to welcome the Bianconere, who will play their first league match there this Sunday against Sampdoria.

Stefano Braghin

Work on the Stadium

“I thank the city municipality for the opportunity. Biella is a beautiful place, we are happy to start this new collaboration; it seemed like an undertaking with no chance of success. All parties worked enthusiastically to ensure that the stadium, which required several renovations, was completed according to plan. We have achieved a great goal while respecting the deadlines. It is a place with a fascinating history. We hope that the relationship can be consolidated and that the citizens of the area can enjoy football that has not been available to them so close up until now."

Capacity and Memories

“The significant increase in capacity gives a different visibility, now we are on the 1500-seat index. I have a personal memory of Biella: being from Ivrea, I experienced several derbies between my city and the Biella team, a football from another era. Aspects that no longer exist, but I carry those years in my heart. There was a fair amount of competition in the requests to host us, but Biella immediately took action. On Saturday the team will be here for a session in preparation for the match on Sunday.”

Match times and “second stage” project

“Match times are published by the Football League, the 18:00 kick-off timetable is not a definitive format. For now, only the schedule for the first three matchdays are official. It was impossible for us to stay in Vinovo, which didn’t meet the necessary requirements to play our championship matches and beyond. In the pre-Covid era, the project for the construction of a second stadium to be dedicated to Next Gen and Women had taken a back seat, the idea is not shelved, but only postponed. We won't be playing at home for at least 2-3 years, we hope to continue here for as long as necessary.”

Cecilia Salvai

A new adventure

“I don't want to be repetitive, but as a player leaving Vinovo, it is like leaving your first home. Almost like a move, it was our fort for six years. We played many wonderful matches there. This is a great challenge for us, moving means representing the black and white shirt in another city. Our task is to make other people fall in love with us, to encourage people to come and see us (the inhabitants of Biella, above all). I heard that there was a great response already for Sunday's match. Playing on a natural grass pitch is something fundamental, I am very happy with this. I hope it is a journey that will take us far and I hope not to see even one empty seat on Sunday. This aspect can stimulate all of us players and therefore make a difference. At Vinovo the places were limited, while at the Allianz the feeling was totally different.”

Women's football in Italy

“Football in Italy started to grow late. It takes time to reach the top, but after the 2019 World Cup the movement has clearly grown. We must not be satisfied, professionalism is a historic achievement, but we must not sit back. It takes the will to take other steps with all the necessary investments. In a few years we will talk differently about women's football in Italy, I'm sure of it."

Appeal to fans

“It is obvious that our "old" fans will follow us even in a context far from Vinovo. They are very close to us, even on the longest trips they always made their presence felt. At Vinovo we leave the legacy of our spring, those who will not be able to follow us to Biella can still support our girls. They are the future of Juventus and they need all the support possible."

Giacomo Moscarola (vice-mayor of Biella)

“We wanted this link with Juventus at all costs. The Biella stadium needed renovations, together with Juventus, we carried out a series of works in record time. Now the Pozzo-Lamarmora is worthy of hosting this new adventure, born almost unexpectedly. Until April we didn't think we could secure a collaboration: we put forward the candidacy to Juventus, who was looking for a new home. Before the final approval there were several inspections with the Juventus management staff, and now the result rewards us. We are also happy to be able to start this partnership."

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