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Press Room | Comments after Juventus-Frosinone

Press Room | Comments after Juventus-Frosinone
Press Room | Comments after Juventus-Frosinone
Press Room | Comments after Juventus-Frosinone

Coach Massimiliano Allegri, Carlos Alcaraz and Daniele Rugani share their thoughts after Sunday's dramatic Juventus-Frosinone three-pointer:


"We knew that Frosinone plays good football: we have to turn the tide on the defensive phase. Rugani deserves his goal, he is a solid player, with us for many years; today was a more challenging game than the one with Inter, so the boys did well to win it, because we have to grow in the management of these kind of games. We had several chances to take home the three points, which were fundamental to put Bologna and Atalanta 9 and 12 points behind. Chiesa? He is an important player for us, he has been, is and will be: he just needs to grow in condition; Alcaraz did good things, sometimes he was a bit stubborn, but he is a player with quality and great room for improvement.”


"The feelings are good: we needed a victory for our fans, who are always with us, we feel them on the field and we are happy to have won for them and also for us. I feel very good, I want to give my contribution, I feel everyone's trust and I have the right peace of mind, I can play in any position as long as I give my contribution. Now let's all go back to work and think about Napoli."


“It was an important, I'm so happy to have helped the team win and especially to get out of this difficult moment. Now we have to put it behind us, winning like this means a lot, because these are moments that happen, and it's hard to risk ruining five great months in 15 days. Today was a lucky day, and it has to be a moment where we restart. Scoring goals? I think it's more of a mental factor: we've lost a bit of compactness, we have to remember that when we get it into our heads to defend all together it's really hard to score goals against us.”

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