PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Monza

PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Monza
PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Monza
PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Monza


"I have had the good fortune to work with great men, who have the desire to work and improve: on Fagioli I can say that he has returned well, he is an intelligent player who knows where to position himself to create superiority and the play that the team needs. In the future he can become a pillar of Juventus, because he has the right personality. A lot of judgments about this team I can't give because I've been with them for only a few days: they are a strong team, then there are the years when things don't go well. For sure Juventus made it clear what their goals were and they achieved them: they are guys attached to the jersey, I am happy to have known them and to have worked with them.

"Just look at what happened in Bologna: in the first half of course we had a mental drop after the Coppa Italia final, then in the second half we equalized and we could have even won. As we say in Uruguay, "it's relative": after big games there is always a drop, you don't do it on purpose, it happens to the best teams in the world. Yildiz is talented, he is a little different from Del Piero: Alex played more centrally, Kenan on the other hand goes wider. For him, this comparison must be an incentive, because in Juventus there are three flags - Boniperti, Scirea and Del Piero.

"Djalo is a good technical player, very fast - typical of Portuguese players. We made an assessment for the lineup and identified him to replace Alex Sandro, for the standing ovation. He has personality to play the ball. When I walk in Turin I feel like I'm walking in Montevideo because of the affection that the people of this city show me: that's why I chose to come and live here, before working for Juventus as a coach. I feel at home because of the affection of the people. The mentality cannot be a system, that comes from within: to be a winner, you have to be born with it."

Alex Sandro


"These have been emotional days for me, I had never cried so much in my life in one week, really, not only today. This whole journey has been beautiful, I thank the fans, the city, this wonderful country that is Italy, and all my teammates, from the first year until now. I am proud of myself and what I have done. These days I have told everyone, they have been beautiful trophies, beautiful victories, finals, however, what I will bring forward with me are the people, all the workers, whether warehouse workers, gardeners, security, staff, players, coaches, presidents, directors, everyone. What I will really remember of Juve is all this love, all the respect: when you say Juve is a big family, that's what I feel.

"These days have been exciting, because I imagined so many things and I certainly imagined what happened today. I am a person who tried to do everything, to give everything and it made me emotional. I thank all the fans for welcoming me into their homes, into their families, into their lives. My heart will always be here, my heart will always have a space reserved for all the Bianconeri people."



"I'm happy, I have to say thank you to the fans too, I can't be happier today, celebrating also the end of the season with these guys: I'm so happy with these 45 minutes, I've been waiting for them all year. Alex Sandro, I have known him for 8 years, he is a fantastic person, besides being a fantastic player, he won a lot of trophies with Juventus and made history, so besides being a great player, he is an incredible man."

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