Reaction to Roma victory

Reaction to Roma victory
Reaction to Roma victory
Reaction to Roma victory

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the deadlock then substitutes Juan Cuadrado and Dejan Kulusevski combined to inspire the second. The rest of the team played with focus and character as Juve shut out Roma and moved ahead of the Giallorossi in the league table.

Read what the Bianconeri had to say after the final whistle!


“We'd prepared for this sort of game. We knew that Roma play very good football and we were ready to sit tight and hit them on the break. It's difficult to keep harrying them all the time but when we did up the pressing we did it well, then we dropped off again. In the reverse fixture, Roma employed the same tactic against us and this time we wanted to turn the game on its head tactically. We might play this way again in future because when you're playing every three days it's not easy to always have the energy to close down the opposition.

“[Giorgio] Chiellini is playing very well – they all are. Morale is high, defensively we're strong and we're more alert than we were before. All the lads have worked really hard since the start and you can see that work ethic in games like this when you have to be humble. We're working to become a better team and we're making good progress. We have strength in depth, as we saw at San Siro when we made lots of changes to the starting line-up.

“Have I improved myself? You learn from matches and defeats. You learn something from every game, especially as it's so tactical in Italy and you can't play every game the same way. I also have a great club behind me.”


“It's games like this when you see the real heart and soul of the team. We knew that Roma like to have a lot of possession and use the width of the pitch so we had to be humble, work hard and then strike when we had the chance. It was a great team performance.

“We all responded after that defeat to Inter. The boss has made us compact and we had the opportunity to play in a final straight away and win it – that boosted morale and made us realise we can achieve great things. Now we have to focus on the return leg of our semi-final with Inter.”


“It was a hard-fought win and there were spells of the game where we had to spend more time defending but we did it well. The whole team deserves credit. When we had the chance to get forward and go for goal, we did that well too.

“Personally, I want to thank the coaching staff for all the help they've given me. Pirlo spends a lot of time explaining things to me, asking me where and how I prefer to play, and I'm very pleased with the progress I've made.

"Winning the Super Cup was massive because it gave us real self-belief, which is key for any team.”

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