Sarri: "Juve-Inter, the most prestigious match in Serie A"

Sarri: "Juve-Inter, the most prestigious match in Serie A"
Sarri: "Juve-Inter, the most prestigious match in Serie A"
Sarri: "Juve-Inter, the most prestigious match in Serie A"

Tomorrow night Juventus will take on Inter in the Derby d'Italia fixture, which will be played behind closed doors. It is a match that Mister Sarri has doubed as "the most prestigious match in Serie A", and he is well aware of what is at stake.

In an exclusive interview with Juventus TV, this is what the coach had to say: "It will be a beautiful match. It is clear that Juventus-Inter is the most prestigious match in Serie A; for the history, and this year, for the standings. After two important transfer windows, I think Inter has become one of the favourites for the league title, like us. Therefore, it is important for the rankings. I hope it will be a beautiful game, and I hope we enjoy it. It will surely be a difficult game but also beautiful to play."


"It is a difficult match tactically. Given their way of playing, a problem, for us, may be the size of the opponents, however, both teams have the characteristics which can put the opponent in danger. And so, it will be a difficult game for us, and one which preparation is needed. But, of course, it will also be difficult for our opponents."


"Recovering all the players during this period is fortunate because, it is clear that in the last few days, with the recovery of the players, the quality of training has risen. The improved level of training is something very important. We have strikers with different characteristics from each other, so sometimes, even in the same formation, we are a different team without having to change the interpreters."


"He is an active player, and so not much thinking is needed. This is a great achievement, but he must immediately chase after new goals. But we know Cristiano and we know that he will be like that. It is a cue for his teammates to give him a gift."

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