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Second Round Season Tickets on sale!

Second Round Season Tickets on sale!
Second Round Season Tickets on sale!
Second Round Season Tickets on sale!

Bianconeri, save the date!

From Thursday, 16 November 2023, those who did not purchase a season ticket at the beginning of the season can now do so, for the second half of the Serie A season.

This is the ideal solution to secure your spot at the Allianz Stadium, supporting our team without missing a single minute.

Below you will find all the necessary information.


Starting from €29.90 per match, fans will be able to choose their seat in the Stadium, ensuring their presence at each of the remaining games in the second half of the 2023/24 campaign.


The "BASIC" season ticket, starting from 29.90 euros per match, offers the possibility of changing names for a maximum of 6 matches and a maximum of 2 reserves can be indicated.

The "FULL" season ticket, starting from 31.90 euros per match, provides the possibility of indicating up to 4 reserves, of making a name change for all matches and gives the right, in the event of resale, to a percentage of the price at which the seat is resold, to be used as a credit. Furthermore, it has two exclusive advantages: a 50% discount on the J1897 Membership and the possibility, in big matches, to take advantage of an earlier sales phase with dedicated prices to bring your Juventus friends with you to the Allianz Stadium.

PURCHASE IN 3 INSTALLMENTS: by purchasing your subscription online, it will be possible to pay the cost of the subscription over 3 months, without interest and without additional costs.

JUVENTUS CARD: to purchase a season ticket you must have an active Juventus Card (J Card). How to get one? It's very simple: complete the registration at and purchase your Juventus Card from the “BIANCONERI” section of the site. Within 72 hours your card will be activated and you can purchase the season ticket using the number indicated in your MyJuve profile. If you need support, you can contact our Fan Service on (+39)



For all our Under 16 fans, we have reserved a special rate of €335.00. This promotion is reserved for all those who will be under 16 years old on 06/30/2024 and subject to the simultaneous purchase of a "full" price subscription.


Buy your season ticket in sectors 117 or 221 and take advantage of the special Under 28 rate (starting from €319.00). This promotion is reserved for all those who would have not yet turned 28 by 06/30/2024.

Special rate subscriptions will follow the rules of the "Basic" subscription.

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