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STRON9ER | The numbers behind the Bianconeri’s ninth title 

STRON9ER | The numbers behind the Bianconeri’s ninth title 
STRON9ER | The numbers behind the Bianconeri’s ninth title 
STRON9ER | The numbers behind the Bianconeri’s ninth title 

For the ninth time in a row, the Italian title belongs to Juventus. For the ninth consecutive season, Serie A’s long road, with its junctions and obstacles, sees the Bianconeri finish at the top of the pack. It was a particular season, which not only relied on the talent pool, but also the willpower, resilience, and the ability to adapt to the moments all whist continuing to grow.

Simply put, we were stron9er.



First mention goes to the coach, who just won his first Scudetto in his career. It is Maurizio Sarri.

The ninth back-to-back title also represents a record of consecutive wins in the five major European leagues, and, most notably, the impressive numbers do not end there.

Against Sassuolo, on 15 July, Juventus celebrated 300 consecutive matches as the champions of Italy, while against Udinese, coincidentally on Thursday, we crossed the 3000-day milestone with the shield on our chest. 3000 and not out…

Furthermore, this season, for the first time in its history, Juventus scored at least two goals in 12 consecutive Serie A matches.


On his path to being crowned a league winner, Cristiano Ronaldo shattered records. CR7 (31 goals in Serie A) was the player with the least number of appearances (61), to have scored his 50th goal in Serie A, among those who played in the three points era (since 1994/95). He was also the first in football history to score 50 goals in Serie A, LaLiga and the Premier League and the third Juventus player to reach 30 goals in the league (for him, it was his eighth time in his career) after Felice Borel (32 in 1933/34) and John Hansen (30 in 1951/52 ).

And then there is Dybala, who wrapped up the "first" part of the season with a decisive goal against Inter, on March 8th, seeing him score in a streak of five consecutive games.

If we add up the goals of the two, we get to 42 so far: better than that, in Juventus history, only Charles and Sivori combined to score more (51) back in 1959/60.



A season, this one, in which the Bianconeri champions have once again rewritten history, with a capital H. Gianluigi Buffon further engraved his name into the Serie A history book, becoming the player with the most appearances ever in the league (648).

History is always connected to those names in black and white. In the current Juventus squad, there are the three players who have won the most Scudetti in the history of Serie A: Gianluigi Buffon (12), Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci (both with nine in total, while Bonucci has won eight with Juventus). Chiello is also the only player to have collected at least one appearance in all nine Serie A seasons, in which Juventus won the title.

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Mentioning Szczesny is inevitable and highly deserved. He is the goalkeeper with the highest percentage of saves in Serie A (76%), among those with at least five appearances throughout the campaign.

And then, a roundup of the records from the Champions of Italy. Cristiano Ronaldo, as already mentioned, is the player who has the most goals, is the one who has fired at goal the most times (198) and has hit the woodwork (6) more than anyone. Leonardo Bonucci featured more times than any of his Bianconeri colleagues (33), while Rodrigo Bentancur (7) recorded the most assists. Bonucci is also the player to have blocked the most shots (26), while Matthijs de Ligt, in his first exciting season in black and white, made more defensive blocks than his companions: 97. And last but not least, Juan Cuadrado is the Juventus player to have sustained the most fouls (74), to have made more passes in the opponent's half (1077) and to have won more tackles (67).


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