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Szczesny answers your questions on Twitch!

Szczesny answers your questions on Twitch!
Szczesny answers your questions on Twitch!
Szczesny answers your questions on Twitch!

Another special guest joined us on our Twitch channel today, with Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny taking time to answer questions from Bianconeri fans across the globe before this evening's all-Italian match-up against Milan, Juve's first encounter on the 2023 Summer Tour.


Juventus have been based in Los Angeles this past week, a city Tek enjoys a lot.

“The weather is nice, though our routine its mostly going from the hotel to training, so we don’t get much free time. But I like coming here, it’s hot but we don’t suffer - it’s nice and warm, not too bad.”


When quizzed about who causes him the most trouble at training, Szczesny admitted two names in particular come to mind.

“Federico Chiesa is a handful because he’s fast and powerful, he closes his eyes and smashes the ball at goal from close range in training. Filip Kostić from outside the box is very powerful and has very powerful shots, he’s very dangerous.”


Although well-known for being a jokester, Tek says he’s too old for pranks, and gives his opinion on the craziest member of the Juve goalkeeper union.

“I’m one of the oldest in the team, I can’t be the joker! Federico Gatti is quite the prankster, he always pranks Carlo Pinsoglio, hiding his things and things like that. I don’t do pranks, I’m old and boring.

“I’m definitely the calmest of all the keepers. And that says a lot! Mattia Perin is definitely the craziest, he never relaxes, he is on the go 24/7, he never stops! He just can’t relax!”


The shotstopper says his son is showing some sporting talent at a very young age, but not necessarily in football.

“My son is five years old, he’s showing a bit of talent, and he likes being in goal which is strange at this age. But he’s very talented at golf, more than football. He loves playing football on our little pitch at home, it’s quite tiring but really enjoyable. It’s a lot of fun playing with him.

“I actually really like golf a lot. I’m not a good golfer, but I like watching it. My routine after a game, if we get a day off, is to go on the golf course by myself, on my own without a phone, and play for a few hours to unwind.”

Tek had much more to say in the live chat! Did you miss it? Don't worry, you can watch the full interview HERE!

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