The Agnelli family and Juventus: A century of love 

The Agnelli family and Juventus: A century of love 
The Agnelli family and Juventus: A century of love 
The Agnelli family and Juventus: A century of love 

The Agnelli-Juventus love story began exactly 100 years ago

A story of vision, projects, victories, growth, future, but mainly, a great and never-ending love story.

On July 24, 1923, Edoardo Agnelli became president of Juventus. In doing so, he became the first in the Agnelli family to tie his name to the Bianconeri colors.

Edoardo, then Gianni, the Lawyer, Umberto, the Doctor, and finally Andrea. These are the names of those who have led Juventus personally, as Presidents, but the bond between the Club and the family has never been broken. And it is, still today, extremely strong.

So many things happen, in a century: it literally changes the world.

To think about history, and of course our own, over these 100 years, it really makes you dizzy. Generations followed one another, people's lives constantly changing, and society ever evolving.

Next to nothing of what existed 100 years ago has remained the same. At Juventus, too, things are constantly evolving. From Italy's sweetheart to its Old Lady, from an Italian club to a global brand, all within the world of football that itself is nothing like it was.

It's a nice thought, though, to think that there are some things that haven't changed over these decades. Maybe it has strengthened, been nurtured, grown, but it hasn't changed. We're talking about the love of a people for their colours, the kind of love that makes you stay together, through calm seas and storms, in victory and in more complicated periods. United and together, we fight to get back to where we belong: the top.

That love, to which the great black and white family who make up Juventus pay tribute to every day, gives us a strength that is unquestionable. It is with that same love that the Agnelli family's every step has been guided for 100 years.

Love. Because, in the end, that's what it's all about.

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