The passion is coming home: Season Ticket Campaign 2022/23 to kick off soon!

The passion is coming home: Season Ticket Campaign 2022/23 to kick off soon!
The passion is coming home: Season Ticket Campaign 2022/23 to kick off soon!
The passion is coming home: Season Ticket Campaign 2022/23 to kick off soon!

The support.

The passion.

Coming home again.

The news we couldn’t wait to give you has now finally arrived. On June 13th, at 14h00 CEST, the 2022/2023 season ticket campaign kicks off!

Finally, after two seasons, it is possible once again to experience the emotion of the Allianz Stadium for the whole season from your own seat.


From Monday, 13 June, 22/23 season tickets are first available to former 19/20 season ticket holders, who can renew by confirming the purchase of the 19/20 season seat. There is time until 18h00 CEST June 27 to confirm. The option to renew but change seats is available from 4th to 5th July.

All 19/20 season ticket holders with credit still on the "Covid voucher" will have the amount automatically deducted from the cost of the season ticket during the payment phase.

It will be possible to renew your seat exclusively online at Tickets.Juventus.com. Season ticket holders who are members of an Official Fan Club can apply, as always, directly through the fan club.

At the end of the renewal phase, Juventus will communicate any availability for new season ticket holders, first reserved to J1897 then to Black & White Members in possession of a valid Juventus Card. It will be possible to purchase 2022/23 Season Tickets from July onwards.


The season ticket to the Allianz Stadium guarantees the opportunity to attend all 19 Serie A season 2022/23 home games and access to the entertainment activities organised in the appropriate sector of the stadium.

If for some reason you can’t make it to a match there is the option to offer the seat to another either by changing names or putting the seat back on sale, thus accumulating credit that can be spent during the year on Champions League or Italian Cup matches at home.

It will be possible to access the first sales phase for home matches of the Uefa Champions League, with the chance to change names, the Italian Cup and more.

In the event of reaching the Italian Cup final, a dedicated sales phase will be guaranteed. Furthermore, during the year season ticket holders will also be informed of ticket sales for important matches involving the Women's First Team and the Under 23 team.

So, what about the following season? Purchasing a 22/23 season ticket offers the holder the right to access to 23/24 season ticket pre-sales.

Don’t forget about the advantages and promotions in collaboration with J | Medical, Juventus Museum and the Official Online Store. And during the year, season ticket holders can take advantage of other initiatives and promotions.

Find all the relevant information, CLICK HERE!

It’s all about to kick off again. So, are we ready ?

Because the Allianz Stadium is already special, but being a season ticket holder ... is something else entirely.

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